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how they asked

Scotty had been so off all day! When he’s really stressed about something, he tends to be very short with me. So I wasn’t all that happy with him! I finally asked him “why do you have to be so mean!!” To which he replied, “I’m sorry baby, it’s just, there are too many people here!” I mean, really?? It’s New York City! Of course there are thousands of people! Ugh! But it was a believable answer, especially from him! So I didn’t think much of it the rest of the day. We went to the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular where I ordered a drink, I asked Scott if he wanted something and was surprised when he did! Scott isn’t a big drinker, and especially not during the day! So that took me aback. But we continued. After the show, which by the way is a MUST, we decided to walk to the Plaza. Since we were close, it was a no brained when my dad suggested a walk through Central Park. Mind you, I was in heels so I was starting to get quite uncomfortable!

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Scotty was trying to buy time for his aunt and uncle to get to the location and his bright idea was to have me climb and obnoxious rock…in heels! But, I went with it. Sure enough, I’m rushed off of this stupid rock, and we’re on the move! We get to the Gapstow Bridge, and my dad is coaxing my grandmother and great aunt to pay attention. My mom was urging us to take a picture, back to dad who was yelling, hold on hold on!

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And all of a sudden, Scott had “fallen” I mean I can’t make this up! I am over here like, there are so many people and you’ve fallen! Get up!! And then he started talking… I remember saying, “Oh my god…right now!? Are you sure?! Omg! Yeah, yeah!!!” And I look around and there’s my whole family and his aunt and uncle. My sweetheart not only made it special for me but for my family too. It was the best day ever! I love that boy.

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