Kendall and Nathan

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How we met

Nathan and I met October 5, 2012 in Gainesville, Florida. A good friend and I decided to spontaneous make a trip to Gainesville for the LSU/Florida football game that weekend since it was our goal to go to every SEC football stadium before we graduated. At the time, Nathan was currently attending the University of South Florida and was in town to attend the game as well.

Friday night before the game, my friend and I went to dinner and proceeded to ask our waiter where the local college students go to hang out. They recommended Gator City, which happened to be the same place that Nathan’s best friend demanded they go. It is ironic because Nathan and I would not typically end up at a place like this but we believe that it is all because of fate.

My friend caught the eye of one of Nathan’s friends who “needed a wingman.” Nathan volunteered and jumped right into the conversation. His real reason was to distract me and it worked! We all hung out until 4 o’clock in the morning completely forgetting there was a football game later on that day. Nathan made a wager with me in order to ensure that we would see each other again. Whatever team lost the game had to buy the other a drink that night. LSU lost which meant that I had to live up to my word and buy our drinks. We stayed until last call talking about where we were from and where we planned to be in the future.

For months, we kept in contact and wanted to see each other again. Nathan drove up for Mardi Gras which is where we officially became a couple! Nathan transferred from The University of South Florida to The University of Florida. Once I graduated from LSU, I moved to Gainesville with him. This was so special for the both of us because the two years of long distance was finally over! Nathan graduated and accepted a job in Orlando where we now reside.

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how they asked

Little did I know Nathan had everything planned right under my nose. He had discussed plans with my mother while she was in town on vacation. He explained that he wanted to propose in Forsythe Park in Savannah, Ga. She told Nathan that she would not miss it for the world. The only thing left to do was wait for my father to come down on vacation so he could ask for my hand in marriage. My dad was elated and gave him permission to proceed.

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He tricked me into believing his family had plans for a beach vacation but it all became too expensive. I was told they had changed their plans and had rented a house in Savannah instead. As we walked through Forsythe Park, Nathan’s mother told us to stop in front of the fountain for a picture.

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Before I knew it, Nathan was on one knee. Nathan then pointed to the other side of the fountain and there stood my parents. I could not believe this was all happening to me!

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