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Kendall and Matt's Engagement in Pensacola, Fl

How We Met

I’m a wedding planner by trade so love and engagements and big celebrations are somewhat my forte, but back when I was just starting out, I took over the planning and preparation of a close friend’s wedding and little did I know, not only was I getting on the job training, but I was also about to practice what I preach. During one of our many mani + Pedi planning sessions, my friend and I were reviewing the days timeline of events when it dawned on me that I would not be bringing a plus one as a guest to the wedding as I would be way too busy handling set up, decor placement, vendor load-in, etc.

Kendall's Proposal in Pensacola, Fl

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However, if a groomsman was free for a dance or two later on in the evening, I might oblige. Just a few Instagram clicks later, I was scrolling through the feed of groomsmen #2 and falling head over heels for this Tennessee southern gentleman. One direct message later and the rest is basically history. However, for the story’s sake, we followed each other almost instantly and I reached out to introduce myself as the wedding coordinator. His response will go down in our relationship history as the cheesiest one-liner but looking back now with my current profession, I wish all my wedding parties were this compliant, he messages back with “Well you can coordinate me anytime ###-###-####” and that’s when the rest was truly history.

How They Asked

We seem to have a thing for weddings and given my love for all things florals, coordinating color palettes, cake, and romance, it makes sense that seeing as though we met at a wedding, attending them together as guests held a special place in our hearts. Fast forward a year after meeting Matt, I was the maid of honor in another friend’s wedding and Matt attended as my plus one. During the weekend of festivities, I was busy with the bridal party which left Matt to his own devices. Now I knew we were going to be getting engaged soon, but Matt kept the how and when under wraps in a desperate attempt to surprise me (which is a very large feat). Working behind the scenes, Matt had already rerouted the ring to be shipped to Pensacola, had already asked my parents, and began ironing out the details to pull off a surprise proposal on the last day of our trip. However, when the groom and groomsmen found out, they wanted in on the planning too, and the groom looped the bride in and suddenly a new plan was in the works.

Fast forward to the wedding day for our friends, and we were the last 4 people at the ceremony venue. The newlyweds were taking their last few pictures before we all headed to the reception and the photographer and videographer were getting a few more shots in prime lighting. The next few moments were a blur as Matt and the groom made eye contact and the bride asked me to come to stand over near her, with my back to Matt I bent over to fluff the brides dress but she took a few steps away and as I looked up, I heard Matt behind me so I turned around and saw the love of my life on one knee.

My hands were shaking and I was crying instantly and all he could get out before I was saying yes over and over was “Hey weddings are fun, I want to do all this again in a few months?” It all happened so quickly but it was the most magical moment captured by both the Photographer and Videographer. We felt so honored that the Bride and Groom would so selflessly share their day with us and to be able to celebrate such an intimate moment with our friends is such a beautiful memory.

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