Kendall and Dylan

How We Met

Dylan and I met in high school. We were both in the same Biology class and from day one we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other. Months went by and Dylan was slowly building up the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend. December soon came which means our winter formal dance was right around the corner. With plenty of help from his friends and classmates in Bio, Dylan finally got up the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend. We became inseparable on December 13, 2011. Who know that four years, four months, and nine days later..we would be ENGAGED!

how they asked

Dylan and I found out I was pregnant on New Years Eve. We were so excited to start this new adventure in our lives and see where this journey takes us! At the beginning of the pregnancy, I decided I wanted to get both our families together and have a gender reveal! Little did I know, this would be one of the biggest days of my life! April 16, 2016 came and all of our closest family members got together for the reveal! The very first thing Dylan said was let’s cut the cake and see what we are having. So, I grabbed the plate and Dylan grabbed the knife and we began going into the cake. Before I knew it, Dylan said “I have something to say first.” He followed this with grabbing both my hands and getting down on one knee! He asked me to marry him and of course through shock and tears, I said yes! Now I am happily engaged to the love of my life and we are having a baby girl! We couldn’t be happier and now we have the arrival to look forward too and all the wedding planning!

Image 1 of Kendall and Dylan