Kendall and Ben

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How We Met

We actually met online. (Isn’t that what most people do now days?) He actually messaged me first. I hadn’t been on in a few weeks and most of my messages were “hey” and I wasn’t interested in replying to them. He sent me more than “Hey!” as a first message, so I replied to it. After sending messages back and forth for about 2-3 hours , I said “I’m getting off. Send me a text” and sent him my number. After talking for 2-3 days, we made arrangements to meet and go on a date.

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how they asked

It was Ben’s birthday! I took him to dinner at the Melting Pot. We had made plans to drive up to Vancouver to the bar that my favorite band was playing at. We both ordered drinks and tried to find a table near the band and dance floor. A couple who was leaving offered us their table. We sat down and waited for the band to start their second set. They played a few songs and then they played George Strait’s “Check Yes or No”. Ben asked me to dance which is very unlike him but I went along with it. As we were dancing about halfway thought the song the band stopped singing and one of the members of the band was standing next to Ben. I kept asking Ben, “What are you doing?” He said “What am I doing?”

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He told the band member that he was ready. He started talking in to the mic that the band member was holding. Honestly I don’t remember what he said because it was such a blur. The next thing I realized he was down on one knee asking me to marry him and I was crying.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

The Nash brothers
 | They set up the whole thing with my FIance