Kendal and Ty

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How We Met

So, Ty and I have known each other since the 7th grade, when I moved to Texarkana, Texas from Dallas. The six years we were in school together at Pleasant Grove, we never hung out though. He was always involved in sports, and I was in One Act play as well as the photographer for the yearbook.Our paths just never really crossed during our school career. Fast forward to one year after high school graduation and we meet back up in 2011. I stayed home to go to college, and after a year away at Fayetteville, Ty decided to come home(YAY!) and start college here. We just happened to have Mr. Revis’ class together and the subtle flirting started there. He FINALLY got the courage and asked me on a date to the movies, and two weeks later I was his girlfriend. The next four years together flew by!

We were 19 when we started dating! And I had braces!

how they asked

The proposal! So back track to the beginning of this four year love fest, when Ty gave me Dallas Stars tickets for our first Valentine’s day together.

Our first ever Stars game together!

SCORE! I’ve always enjoyed hockey and he absolutely spoiled me with Stars games all while we have dated. It’s sort of “our thing” that we go to a few games together each year.

We love Stars Selfies.

Back to present day, and it’s Christmas Eve. Ty and I exchange gifts and guess what…of course it’s Stars tickets! DOUBLE SCORE! Sunday morning we get up and get ready to head to Dallas for the game. Everything is just as calm and normal as always.

I took this before we left for Dallas not knowing that this would be our last picture as just boyfriend and girlfriend!

It’s poring down rain the whole three hour drive so when we get to the W-Hotel it was yucky and cold. We go up to the suite and settle in. Ty used the rest room real quick and then comes out and was giving me a funny look. I look out the window of our room and I hear him clear his throat. I turn around and he is ON HIS KNEE! With tears in his eyes he asked me to be his forever and how could I say no?! I actually was so excited and in shock that i snatched the ring out of the box before he could put it on…whoops!

I can remember just saying over and over how pretty it was and how we get to be MARRIED! We then ordered champagne and toasted our next step in life together. But the best part? We then went to the game and the Stars WON!

Our first game as an ENGAGED couple!

It was a perfect night!!! We came back to our room to a fresh bottle of champagne compliments of the W-Hotel!

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