Kendal and David

How We Met

I first met my boyfriend at a sorority women’s self defense training course. He was volunteering for the instructor to help us actually try the moves on guys, rather than simulating them. I have no idea what happened that day, because I normally was so shy, but I told my fiancé everything about my life. And when I walked out of that training I jumped in my best friends car and said I had just met the man I was going to marry.

A month went by and I hadn’t really talked to him again and I was so scared too. Then on April 6th, I attended OwlThon, a 13.1 hour dance marathon raising money for the Shand’s CMNH hospitals in Gainesville Florida. It took us 13 hours for us to finally talk to each other but when we did it was amazing. He was biking across the country for People with disabilities and my little sister has autism so I was smitten with him because of his kindness for others. He asked me on my first date there and it has only been uphill since then.

How They Asked

December 1st, 2018- Proposal day

My best friend had surprised me with skydiving tickets for my college graduation present. I was so excited to be skydiving for a third time especially with my best friend. We drove three hours to go skydiving in a place with a perfect safety record. When we got there, they kept telling us that the weather was too bad to jump today and we were heart broken. As the day went on they finally let us jump. My boyfriend and family kept calling me but I thought they were just excited. Finally it was our turn to jump, we took the smallest plane ever for a 25 mintute fly before getting ready to jump out of the plane. I had so much adrenaline pumping but I was ready. I jumped out of the plane and saw the most amazing view ever but then as we were parachuting I noticed a sign on the landing spot which I just thought was weird. I couldn’t read the sign until I got closer but as soon as I did I started bawling. The sign read Will you Marry Me? And I instantly knew who it was for. By the time we reached the ground I was ugly crying and I crawled to my boyfriend and he had to help me up. We were both shaking as he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. After I said yes I turned around to see my family and friends and my love, my youngest sister there to greet me. I could not have felt more emotion than at that moment. And I was surprised with a trip to Disney World and annual passes by my parents. All in all one of the best days of my life! I knew when I met him I wanted to marry him and now I’m counting down the days until I do.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in He proposed to me while I was skydivinga nd he was at the bottom. In Titusville Florida Space skydiving center

Kendal and David's Engagement in He proposed to me while I was skydivinga nd he was at the bottom. In Titusville Florida Space skydiving center

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