Kendal and Alexander

How We Met

I’ve worked at the same minor-league baseball stadium part-time since I was 15 years old. Alex, my fiancé, started working there full-time 4 years ago. We are both in the production department so yes; we’re the crazy people on the field making you do the chicken dance during 7th inning stretch and slinging t-shirts to fans. It took us about 2 years of being friends to realize how perfect we were for each other.

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how they asked

It was a Monday, my WORST day at work every week. I’m in meeting after meeting and I’m always getting home late. For some reason my coworker insisted that we were leaving at 5 o’clock that day, she “had somewhere to be” and encouraged me to leave too. I walked into my apartment around 5:25pm and saw all of the downstairs furniture moved. There was a path made up of rose pedals and playing cards leading from the door to the dining room table. On the table there was a note that read, “I don’t need 52 reasons, I only need one. Meet me where we first met. Hint: the stadium” I contemplated changing my clothes and fixing my make-up but decided to jump in my car and race to the stadium (we only live 5 minutes away).

Rose petals and playing cards led me into the box office (I was shaking), onto the elevator and into a skybox suite overlooking the field. Our song was playing, pictures of us were displayed on the TVs and Alex was standing with a BEAUTIFUL ring, champagne and King and Ace playing cards (K&A) on the table. He wants me on his team forever and I said yes! At 6:30 most of our family and friends arrived for an engagement party. It was perfect.

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