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How We Met

Josh and I met at Oklahoma State University (where he will later propose to me)! We both attended a campus ministry. He remembers the first time he saw me, at a Bible study; he commented to one of his friends that I was pretty and seemed like the “whole package” or something like that (hah!). He did not get the courage to talk to me until about five months later. My friend invited me to come hammock at a local park in Stillwater. It was there, sitting in hammocks, he told me his name and asked for mine.

He is so much fun to talk to. It became really easy to spend my time with him. After becoming great friends, we went on a camping trip with a big group of friends from OSU. Camping was a blast. We went on a long hike to a waterfall, and underneath the waterfall was where he told me his testimony. We talked about our families, struggles, dreams, and futures underneath that waterfall, and that’s when I knew he was someone special.

Two months later, May 3rd, 2016, Josh asked me to be his girlfriend at a coffee shop called Hoboken in a small town close to Stillwater. It was perfect and sweet.

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how they asked

Homecoming at Oklahoma State University, often called “America’s Greatest Homecoming,” is a huge celebration. Friday night the Greek community reveal their house’s Homecoming Decoration, the big fountain in front of the library is dyed orange, there are signs made by all of the clubs and dorms, food trucks, live music… it’s one big party that thousands of people come to enjoy. Josh is a business major and told me about a week before homecoming that he was invited to a tailgate by his professor. He said it will be a great networking opportunity for him, and that we should dress up and go together. I was so excited to have the chance to dress up and support him at an important gathering; I had no idea what was really coming. Friday the 13th (which happened to be the luckiest day of my whole life), came around and it was Homecoming weekend in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I curled my hair and put on a black dress I’d never gotten the chance to wear before. I got to Josh’s house and soon we walked toward campus. He told me he wanted to walk around and look at the Greek House Decs before headed to the tailgate. Then we walked by Theta pond toward the library to see the orange fountain before headed to the tailgate. When we got to the fountain I suggested we sit down nearby and just hang out for a little bit and enjoy the beautiful day, but he wanted to get closer to the fountain. I watched people take pictures in front of the gorgeous fountain dyed bright orange, and all of a sudden Josh said my name and dropped down on one knee. This is when everything got blurry; I was ecstatic. He said beautiful, sweet things and asked me to marry him. I was crying and said yes! He stood up, picked me up into his arms and we smiled and cried together. It was truly “America’s Greatest Homecoming.”

Josh had everything perfectly planned out from beginning to end. Right after the proposal I was a mess of happy emotions. People were congratulating us, and I was smiling uncontrollably. I couldn’t stop looking at the gorgeous, sparkling ring on my finger. Josh custom made it with an opal as the center stone, which is my birthstone and my all time favorite! A photographer was there to capture the moment, and we got to take engagement photos right away on campus; it was perfect! After pictures, like any girl, I wanted to tell everyone I knew what had happened. Instead, Josh told me to wait. We went back to his house, just him and me, and he made me dinner. He had created a playlist that was playing of all our favorite songs and handed me a letter to read. The letter brought me to tears. He wrote how he had been planning this and dreamt about it, and he wanted us to have time for just the two of us after our engagement before all of the excitement and congratulations so that we could just be together and celebrate. It was so romantic. It was perfect. He made chicken parmigiana just like he did our first Valentine’s Day together. At 8pm, we went to the coffee shop he works at and both of our families were there. There were so many tears and hugs and pictures. Our families circled up and prayed together, another moment that brought me to tears. At 8:30 all of my best friends came and there were even more tears and pictures. Josh had thought of everything. I was so thankful to have had that time alone with him right after we got engaged because it was so precious to us both. My sweet fiancé planned everything perfectly and made it a day I will never forget.

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