Ken and Sarah

how we met

Hers: After lamenting to anyone who would listen about the circus of the swiping-right dating scene, and how I was waiting for an organic Devine connection, I expressed this to job industry peers that we had in common. This led to two mutual co-workers setting us up via a group meet up at a bowling ally (except, I didn’t take it seriously because I was planning to move out of the state!*). I remember thinking, I’ll go to this group bowling thing on a Thursday night and just have a good time. I walked in fashionably late, with my hair on point, and immediately thought “crap, he’s cute!”. After a few rounds of bowling with rounds of beer to go with, we found ourselves at a neighboring bar chatting until midnight! *two months of dating, the out of state job transfer was postponed and I ultimately left the company. His: After hearing a little bit about her, I pressed my mutual friends (who were now her co-workers) to set a group meet and greet. They finally relented, and a bowling night was scheduled. Even though I had no expectations, I was still nervous to meet her. When she finally arrived at the bowling alley over an hour late, my friend sarcastically asked, “Are you excited to meet the mother of your children?” I said ya right… Little did I know… At first I was shy and timid, and thought I am totally boring. After we began to chat more one on one after bowling, she didn’t think I was boring, and I didn’t want the night to end.

how they asked

Hers: The surprise element was long gone, about six months before the proposal and before any talk of an engagement ring I was suspicious. He kept telling me we were going to spend the New Years holiday in Lake Tahoe. I was like, its June?! This was solidified further when our dating anniversary in August rolled around and he was reluctant to my suggestion to take advantage of a long weekend and go to our favorite place, Lake Tahoe. Again, it was an easy trip to a place we love, why was this something He didn’t want to do? Yet, New Years in Tahoe was a go, I didn’t understand it fully and it made me suspicious. Fast forward, through the search for the bling, it’s the end of December and we’re en route to Lake Tahoe. I was fairly certain I’d be returning from the trip engaged, but reminded myself I could be wrong and to just stay open to what might happen. Despite, my “self-real talk” I proceeded to book all my salon and spa related treatments before our trip. A few of my friends were tracking the suspense, and I distinctly told them he wouldn’t do it on the NYE holiday (too cliché for him) and he wouldn’t wait to the end of the trip (he couldn’t wait). The second day into trip he told me to be ready by 2p, we had dinner plans at 7p and we were going to just start with a drive around the lake. I was still unsure what was coming, but I got glammed up and was ready at 3p! We left together in dapper attire for a long drive to dinner. I recall thinking, maybe he’ll go down memory lane as we drive the 70 miles around the lake. We already had so many great memories, including participating in a road bike ride around the entire lake, there was so much we could reminisce about. So when we stopped at Emerald Bay, I honestly did not think anything of it. We’d chased the sunrise there, we kayaked the bay, we stopped to rest our legs on the bike ride, it surely wouldn’t be here. After we parked the car he told me that he had to use the restroom, and I said, “okay, do I need to get out of the car?!” He replied yes. We held hands and walked towards the vista point. There were lots of people and slippery walkways, but we made it to the view point. When the view point was crowded with others, I told myself be patient and let him lead. With my explorative nature and others around, I refrained from suggesting we check out another area. We waited and snuggled to warm up in the cold, we talked about the beautiful nature before us, and then he kept talking .. and it became more serious! Telling me his thoughts of the memories we’ve already created and the ones we will create. He expressed how he always had certainty we’d have a lifelong partnership, and then he was on one knee! He asked me to be his wife, and opened the ring box! It was upside down, but I told him what I knew long before this moment, “it would be my biggest honor to be his wife”. The box was then turned upright, and my eyes widened and I repeated the words “holy moly” – it was stunning. He placed the ring on my finger, and it was flawless and it felt that it always belonged there. His: We had plans to be in Lake Tahoe (our favorite place) over New Years. She is too smart and intuitive; she knew a proposal was coming in Tahoe, she just didn’t know exactly how. My plan was to propose at Emerald Bay with a photographer capturing the moments. I was so lucky to find Kimmi, who was communicative and accommodating. The plan was for Kimmi to be hiding in the background with a zoom lens, so Sarah wouldn’t be alerted. On the day of the proposal, it was overcast and cloudy, but still pretty. I told Sarah we were going for a nice dinner, but we were going for a drive before. Our first stop was Emerald Bay. I told her I needed to stop to pee (there was no bathroom there). She asked if she needed to get out of the car, and I said yes. We walked to past the rocks and to the vista point. It was really icing and we both almost fell numerous times. After giving hand signals to Kimmi and waiting for the crowd to clear, I tried to recite some of the words I had written for Sarah. I think I remembered about half. When I opened the ring box, it was upside down, but she was still thrilled and I will always remember the look in her eyes when she told me it would be her biggest honor to be my wife. Later she said she superficially didn’t say “yes” because it didn’t express her feeling of pride to become my wife.

Special Thanks

Starscape Studios
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Emerald Bay State Park
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