Emily and Ken

How We Met

Ken and I met in first grade when I transferred schools to a different county. He and I were grade school sweethearts, which later solidified a strong friendship between us as we got older. I knew he had always liked me and I liked him, but I feared that forming a relationship with him would ruin our friendship. During our freshman year (2012), he and I tagged along for a movie night with a mutual friend. He and I had gone out as friends for months, but I still couldn’t shake a feeling of nervousness on that particular night.

Where to Propose in Chief Logan State Park--Christmas in the Park

After the night had ended and I was stepping out of the car to go inside, I heard the opposite car door slam. I turn to look at my friend in confusion and when I turn back around, I was greeted with two lips and a warm hug. Needless to say, I was impressed by Ken’s sudden boldness to make his feelings known. We began dating that night and have been together ever since. Instead of destroying our friendship, the love we share has made it unbreakable.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chief Logan State Park--Christmas in the Park

How They Asked

Since Ken and I were juniors in high school (2014), we’ve had the tradition of eating at Chirico’s, our favorite restaurant and going to see the Christmas in the Park light displays at Chief Logan State Park while on Thanksgiving Break. Each year, we take pictures at our favorite displays. This year, Ken wanted to take some photos at the 12 Days of Christmas display, particularly at the number 6 (which is how many years we’ve been together). We asked a lady taking photos with her kids if she would take one of us. When she handed Ken’s phone back, he asked if she could take one more photo. Confused, she held up the phone and Ken got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I’m not sure who was more surprised–me or the stranger! Needless to say, that’s one tradition we will always try to keep.