Kelsy and Brandon

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How We Met

In 2011, I was a junior in high school and Brandon was a senior. I was in a very serious relationship with another boy at the time (we will just call him John). John and Brandon were pretty good acquaintances but not super close friends. At the time, Brandon worked at a local grocery store, the one which John and I would go to a lot to get food. We would see him there and make small talk every now and then. I thought Brandon was very sweet and cute but just a friend of course. Soon, Brandon and I figured out that we had a class together which was a sociology class. He was so quiet and shy. In class, we always had to have partners and Brandon, without fail, would always ask me to be his partner. How could I say no? He was so sweet and just so different from the rest of the boys. He tells me today that he had the biggest crush. That always makes me smile.

Time passed and Brandon and I no longer had class together. I continued to date John, thinking we would last forever but just like that you realize God may have other plans for you. God definitely had other plans because we broke up October of 2012. I started to believe that maybe I wasn’t fit to date anyone and that maybe God wanted me to remain single for a long time. Just as I started to become okay with being single, Brandon and I started talking, hanging out and becoming closer friends. Through talking we figured out that we both went to the same church and loved Jesus just the same. Soon, he became my absolute best friend. Brandon was the definition of a loyal and trustworthy best friend. I felt so safe and never judged by him. We started going on dates to coffee shops and movies. He showed me what a true gentleman was. He always opened doors for me and never let me pay for dates. We would laugh together, talk about the ways of life and how the world goes round. We talked about anything and everything. As we grew closer I knew God had something great in store. Brandon asked me to be his girlfriend April 19th 2013 and 2 ½ years later, October 24th 2015, he asked me to marry him. I am so thankful God brought me to Brandon. He makes me laugh, smile, and fills my heart with so much joy and happiness. He is so kind, giving, and is always putting others before himself. I’m not sure how fun life would really be without Brandon Mark Gaede. I am so very blessed he is a huge part of me.

how they asked

While we were having dinner with our friends one night, they randomly asked us to go on a double date to Valas Pumpkin Patch Saturday afternoon. I was so excited because I love the pumpkin patch and double dates, especially with Kelsey and Anthony! Saturday came and I woke up and got ready while listening to “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor featuring John Legend. This song is super romantic and makes me cry every time I listen to it. It’s about never wanting to lose that special someone and remembering to never take them for granted. So when Brandon picked me up from my house, I showed him the song and he loved it. When Kelsey and Anthony showed up, we left for the pumpkin patch. Kelsey brought her professional camera to take pictures of “the sunset” and also cute pictures of Brandon and I. I had NO idea what the camera was really for.

When we got to the pumpkin patch we walked around for a while and looked at the animals. Then we went straight to the big stage where they have shows and dances. Kelsey wanted to take some cute pictures of us standing on the stage, so we jumped up on it. People mostly use this stage for taking pictures, so I never questioned it. As we were standing and doing silly poses, all of a sudden Brandon turns to me and says, “So, it’s funny you brought up that song to me today, because I have something to ask you…” He paused for a second. As he reached into his pocket, he smiled at me, I put my hand over my mouth already in tears, and he got down on one knee and asked, “Kelsy, will you marry me?” I could not believe it. I burst into tears and looked over to Kelsey and Anthony who were watching and smiling. I have never been more surprised. I could not stop smiling. I instantly hugged him and held onto him so tight while crying on his chest. He put the ring on my finger while I looked out to Kelsey and Anthony one more time in total shock and pure happiness. There was a huge audience sitting on the bleachers and they all cheered and clapped for us. I never even gave him an answer until we got off stage, so I screamed YES, OF COURSE! I was just so overwhelmed, happy, surprised, in a daze and floating on cloud nine. For the rest of the night I was glowing and I could not stop smiling.

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Brandon did such an amazing job at surprising me. He made it so special and romantic. Our love story is my absolute favorite. <3

Special Thanks

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