Kelsie and Robert

Kelsie and Robert's Engagement in Cambria, CA

How We Met

Robert & I met back in 2016 at a dive bar in Atlanta, Georgia. He was from San Francisco, and I from a small town in northern Iowa – an unlikely pair. He was dancing with his friends & I was dancing with mine when we met on the dance floor. He wanted to kiss me before he left the bar, but I turned him down and said here’s my phone number instead!

He texted me the next day but I wasn’t really interested at the moment so I didn’t really respond. A couple of months passed and I was driving down the coast of California for work when I remembered that cute guy from the bar was from Cali! I decided to text him and we texted non-stop for a few days. When I got back home in Atlanta, he called me and asked me to dinner. I was having a terrible day so I said I wasn’t really up for it. He responded with “Well, I will probably go get ice cream later. I know ice cream makes everything better.” A MAN AFTER MY OWN HEART. I wasn’t exactly sure how the ‘date’ would go, and to be honest I didn’t expect much out of it… but it was by far the best date ever. We clicked instantly and everything seemed so easy.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cambria, CA

On this date, he told me that he had gotten a job offer back in San Francisco where he was from, and he likely was going to take it. In my head I was like – why are we even here right now if you’re leaving!?

He did end up accepting the job and told me he was leaving in 3 weeks. I was pretty upset because of how well our first date went but decided we would just make the most of his last 3 weeks in Atlanta. We saw each other every single day and were pretty much inseparable. When he left I was pretty devastated. We didn’t know what we were going to do or where things were going to go, but in my heart… he was my person and I just knew it.

About a month after he moved back to California, and keeping in touch every single day… texting, Facetiming, hours of phone calls… we decided to give it a shot, and we made things official. He was a little bit hesitant to be in a long-distance relationship… but my gut told me this was so right.

Where to Propose in Cambria, CA

After about 6 months of long-distance, I decided to move to Monterey, CA, just two hours south of San Francisco, after getting a job there. We were finally going to be close to each other again and it felt SO surreal. I was very nervous but excited to be near to the one I loved. Robert ended up moving down to Monterey a short time after, and the rest is history. He makes me the happiest person alive and brings out the best parts of my soul.

I know it’s cliche… but it is very true when they say ‘when you know, you know’! It was not an easy road & there were a ton of bumps along the way… but in the end, I am so glad we fought for us.

How They Asked

Robert decided to plan a romantic little weekend getaway to celebrate work accomplishments, life, and just get out of town for a couple of days. We drove two hours south traveling on iconic Hwy 1 and made our way to our hotel, Oceanpoint Ranch, in the quaint town Cambria, CA. Rob had been really into videoing EVERYTHING this trip, which was a little odd to me, but I knew he liked to make videos so I didn’t think much of it.

On Saturday night we decided to go down near the beach to watch the sunset. When we arrived, we found this beautiful, private little cove and he said, ‘this is the perfect place to take a video!’, so he set up the tripod and we did a couple poses for the camera, and then he turned to me and said ‘I want to do one more pose.’ I looked at him like uh ok what? and to my surprise, he got down on one knee and popped the question right then and there!

I could not stop crying. After conquering a cross-country relationship, job changes, moving, two apartments together… and many MANY adventures around the world… I finally had my adventure partner for life.