Kelsie and Preston


How We Met: Preston and I originally met in high school at what we called “Area Wides”. These were events with a lot of church youth groups all throughout Oklahoma. We never really talked or anything, but we definitely knew who one another was because we both thought each other was really attractive. Since we lived 45 minutes apart, and we went to different high schools, this was really the only way that we saw each other. Preston and I ended up finding each other on Twitter and so we followed each other on there, and eventually Preston ended up direct messaging me. We messaged for a while, and finally Preston asked for my number. We started texting occasionally, but nothing serious was happening. We both graduated high school and he went to Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, Oklahoma and I went to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, which are about an hour apart. We continued to text occasionally, and started to become really good friends. Preston started to talk to me about how my life was going, and if I thought that I was in the right place spiritually through my walk with God, and physically at OSU. Everything that we talked about really got me thinking, and long story short, I ended up transferring to Oklahoma Christian second semester of my Freshmen year. Preston and I became even closer once I transferred and we began hanging out all the time, and before I knew it we were best friends. Not only were we best friends, but I was beginning to develop stronger feelings for Preston even though I knew he did not like me that way at all. We continued to hangout even though we both knew how we felt about each other because we truly were best friends! As time went on, we continued to be friends but dated other people. We tried to make things work with other people because we both wanted to find that special person, but things just were not working out because we were not looking in the right places. We failed to simply look at each other and realize that we were perfect for each other, even though I knew that already but he didn’t. Eventually, Preston came to his senses and one night just confessed his feelings for me. It felt perfect because I had liked him and wanted him to like me back for so long. He asked me to be his girlfriend on November 1st, 2013. I was on cloud 9. We dated for 6 months before Preston was having second thoughts and broke up with me. My heart was broken and I had no idea what to do. Not only had I lost my boyfriend, but I lost my best friend. Fast forward through a long summer apart to the start of our Junior year of college and there we were again, trying to date other people while still in each others lives. We realized this time quicker than last time that it was each other who’s lives we were supposed to be in. Preston asked me to be his girlfriend a second time on January 1st, 2015 at midnight. We could even hear fireworks being shot off while we were kissing… Hehehe. Our relationship since getting back together has been absolutely perfect. We always talked about hypothetically getting married, but nothing was ever solidified because Preston would tell me that we needed to wait to become more financially stable. Well obviously that was just a lie because he proposed to me on my 22nd birthday on August 21st, 2015 and we are looking forward to setting a date for our wedding and spending our “happily ever after” together!

how they asked: August 21 is my birthday, so Preston planned to take me out on a special date that night. He had bought me a beautiful dress and had it delivered to my doorstep earlier that day. He picked me up later that afternoon looking so handsome in his suit and tie. We drove to downtown Oklahoma City where he had made reservations at Vast, which is a high class restaurant on the 50th floor of the Devon Tower, which is the tallest building in Oklahoma City. Dinner was great and we talked and laughed; everything seemed completely normal. After dinner we walked around the Myriad Gardens for a little while. After we got back towards the front, we had no idea what we were going to do next, or so I thought. Preston said “I wonder what Andrew and Marisa are doing?” which is Preston’s brother and his wife. Immediately after he said that, Andrew pulled up to the curb that we were standing on. Preston and I walked over to say hi and obviously I was so confused and wondering why he was there. Preston opened the door for me and told me to get in the car, then he just walked away. I was definitely confused at this point but I knew something was going on. My heart started beating really fast and I instantly felt excited and anxious. His brother drove me around downtown for about 20 minutes. The whole time I knew something was happening but since it was my birthday I just assumed Preston had another surprise planned. His brother finally pulled into a parking garage and drove up three flights. He stopped the car and leaned over, gave me a hug, and said “I love you”, which made me start to cry a little. After that, I looked over and my best friend, Alyssa, was standing there crying, smiling, and holding a flower. I then started crying even harder (yes, I am a crier so this engagement was a bawl fest, ha!). After Alyssa handed me my flower I turned the corner and all of my best friends and his best friends from college, high school, and childhood were standing in a line, and everyone had a flower in their hand. As I walked by them, they each gave me a hug and a flower.


And yes, I continued to cry as I was realizing that all of these beautiful people were here for me. I felt so loved. I continued to walk and I turned another corner and there were my brothers, parents, and Preston’s siblings and parents. They too, gave me flowers which finished the bouquet. My parents told me to keep walking and when I finally reached the top of the parking garage, there he was. Preston was standing there waiting for me. When we saw each other we both smiled so big, and could not stop crying and hugging.


He had a beautiful set up with a couch, lights and candles, flowers, and pictures. Since we were at the top of the parking garage, you could see every building and light of downtown OKC. With all of the lights and tall buildings it was truly so breathtaking. I felt like I was on top of the world. On the side was one of Preston’s friends from church playing a guitar and singing our two favorite love songs. Preston and I hugged and kissed while the musician was playing Forever Like That by Ben Rector. He looked up at me and said “You don’t get it that easy..”  I replied with a big grin on my face and said, “Get what that easy?!” even though we both knew exactly what he was talking about! In my mind I was thinking, “Ahhhh hurry up and propose already!!”  He had a big wooden board with so many pictures of us hanging on it. Preston walked me over and we reminisced about the old pictures, and laughed at the funny ones. He took me back over by the lights and the couch and we slow danced to our favorite song, Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran. Then right before he got down on his knee, he said “Babe, it’s so perfect.”


He told me he loved me and opened the ring box and held the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. When he asked me to marry him, of course I said Yes!!! With tears running down our cheeks we smiled and hugged.


I cannot think of a moment in my life when I was that happy! We turned around and all of our friends and family were peaking around the corner to watch the proposal. We waved them over and they all swarmed us with millions of hugs and congratulations! Since it was my birthday my mom brought cookies and drinks so everyone sang happy birthday to me and we continued to celebrate. We were so overwhelmed realizing that all of those people were here for us and wanted to celebrate our love! It was such a magical night that I will NEVER forget. Preston spent so much time organizing and planning to make sure everything was perfect, and it definitely was. I can’t wait to spend forever with the love of my life!


Photos by Shavers Photography