Kelsie and Kevin

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How We Met

About a year ago, Kevin and I met on a dating app called Bumble. I know, super unromantic. But Kevin really got my attention because he and I have a lot of mutual friends.

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We both attended the same college, but never met each other because we are 7 years apart. Because we both grew up locally we stayed close friends with people in greek life and spent a lot of time in Newport Beach. We began to talk about how we both know certain people and also realized we had a lot in common, surprised we had not met before. We immediately hit it off. He was first of all extremely handsome, sweet, and lived an exciting life. Kevin loves adventure. Whether he is camping, hiking, climbing, canyoneering, or mountain biking he was always living life to the fullest and I found that extremely attractive.

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Soon after a few dates we began spending time with each other’s families. That is what did it for me. Not only is Kevin sweet, thoughtful, and kind but he was so family oriented and I knew that was #1 on my list of what I wanted in a relationship. Kevin puts his family before himself and that’s just sexy (sorry mom). He has given me a taste of his adventuring life, and although sometimes I get hurt due to clumsiness or exhausted because of how brutal it is, the bond we have because of these memories are all worth it. With him I’ve kayaked 16 miles, camped without bathrooms, went skydiving, and countless other adventures.

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(Photo Credit: Mike Pham IG: phamuelphoto) I can’t imagine life without him, even after one year. Which is CRAZY because I never thought I could get engaged after such a short amount of time, but there is truly no one like him. He allows me to be myself, we are extremely fun and silly together, he would do anything for my family, and he spoils me with his thoughtfulness.

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I am so blessed to have met him. He doesn’t believe me, but I am the lucky one. Love you KT!!

how they asked

This story really begins with my dad growing up being a diehard hockey fan in Buffalo, NY. When he moved to Southern California as an adult, he continued to be a Buffalo Sabres fan but adopted the brand new hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks in 1993 (back then they were the Mighty Ducks and owned by Disney). The first season of the brand new team my mom was pregnant with me and the following season my parents had season tickets and brought me to games wearing little Mighty Ducks cheer outfits.

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As an adult, I continue to live in Orange County and am still a diehard (now) Anaheim Ducks fan. Before even meeting Kevin, I would tease my parents and friends that my dream is to get engaged at a Ducks game. More specifically, have all of my closest friends and family members surprise me and be there too. A girl can dream, right? March 17, 2017, St. Patrick’s Day and the Anaheim Ducks game vs. Buffalo Sabres. My dad was given 2 extra tickets to the game so Kevin, my dad, my step-mom, and I went and we were all excited to watch our 2 favorite NHL teams play (it is always the most exciting game of the year for our family). I could tell Kevin was anxious and on a schedule, which was unusual since he is such an easy going and laid back guy.

I was teasing him all week that the proposal was going to be at the St. Patrick’s Day game, little did I know what was in store for me. The first period of the game I was beginning to get nervous. I had a feeling if anything was going to happen it would be during one of the two intermissions. The first intermission began and my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. I asked Kevin to hold my hand and he put his arm around me. I could tell he was getting really nervous. Rancho Cucamonga Firemen walked onto the ice playing bagpipes and drums and I was just mind blown that no one slipped. Then as they were done and exiting the ice, Kevin pointed to a screen up high in the rafters. I knew exactly where to look because over the years I’ve seen a few banners like this.

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I immediately teared up. “Kelsie Reger, you’re the love of my life, will you marry me?” My first thought was, it says Reger! No one will be confused which Kelsie this is for. haha Then I turned my head and he was getting on one knee. At this point it was all a blur.

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I remember hearing cheering but not at all what he said or what I did. I was just so overwhelmed with emotions and happiness. (Thank goodness for the video Ben made for us otherwise I would have no idea what happened.) After saying yes and pumping my fist in victory I looked to the left and saw a group of 10 people cheering. Both our friends and Kevin’s sisters were there teary eyed and taking photos. I really began to cry A LOT. We joined them in the hallways of the Honda Center and everyone shared hugs, laughter, and tears.

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Kevin’s closest friends made t-shirts with our faces on them and we Facetimed family members who could not make it. My dad and step mom met up with us and congratulated us. Then minutes later my mom and our whole family and more friends walked up. My family from LA, my sister who was studying for finals in San Diego, and even my cousin living in Washington made it. Man was I crying! I think the total came out to 32 people hiding and cheering us on from seats above us.

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I am so overwhelmed with the love Kevin and I share and all of our family and friends who took the time out of their lives to share in this special moment with us. I am so thankful for everyone taking photos for us and video so I can relive it over and over. This was truly a dream come true as a proposal.

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Lets Go Ducks!!

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