Kelsie and Jason

How We Met

Jason and I met when we were 15 playing club soccer. I lived in Illinois and traveled to Wisconsin to play. We had mutual friends on our teams and happened to cross paths and have been together ever since!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Monona Terrace - Madison, WI

Where to Propose in Monona Terrace - Madison, WI

We survived long distance for 8.5 years from high school living two states apart to college him being in Iowa and I in Pennsylvania. We finally started living together in Madison, Wisconsin in 2017 and we are getting married on our 10 year anniversary!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Monona Terrace - Madison, WI

Kelsie's Proposal in Monona Terrace - Madison, WI

How They Asked

Jason and I went out for Sunday brunch in downtown Madison. Afterward, he suggested we walk around a bit (not so unusual for us so I wasn’t suspecting anything!). We went up to the Monona Terrace that overlooks the lake on one side and the gorgeous capital on the other. Jason started reminiscing on the past 9.5 years of being together. Turns out he was talking for a while (like 5 minutes!) because he was so nervous.

Just when I thought it wasn’t going to happen, he said, “So I have a question for you?” I nervously said, “Yes?” “Do you love me?” I replied with an appropriate, “DUH!” In which Jason replied, “Then I have another question for you.” That’s when Jason got on one knee and gave me one of the happiest moments of my life. Luckily, he had his older sister nearby taking photos of the whole thing!

Special Thanks

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