Kelsie and Gabriel

Kelsie's Proposal in On Lake Michigan at a friend's lake home

How We Met

Gabe and I met at a small Liberal Arts school called Hope College in Holland, Michigan. We met each other in Planet Earth a general ed science class that I was really dreading to take (I am horrible at science). Turns out the class ended up being the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Yes, I did have to memorize 100 plus rocks that all looked the same, but I gained by best friend and fiancé out of it.

Gabe was always extremely friendly, kind, and lovely to me. Whenever I walked into class we greeted each other and asked about weekend plans/small talk. After the class, and a year or so of bumping into each other on campus Gabe made a move. I really sealed the deal though by bringing him a Stan’s Donut from Chicago one of the first times we hung out (;

From there we dated through the rest of college. We made so many awesome memories on campus from biking to the beach, swimming in Lake Mi, Hammocking in the pine grove (a huge green space on campus), hanging with all of our closest friends, coffee dates at our local coffee shop Lemonjello’s, Skiing and Snowboarding, and taking some trips together on breaks like Colorado, Florida, and the UP.

Our senior year we got to graduate together and smile, laugh, and cry as each other walked across the stage. We got to experience each other change and grow from graduating to the “real world” like getting big kid jobs and first pay checks. Even though we are young, we share this deep and mature love for each other that is such a once in a lifetime kind of love.

I knew within the first few months of us dating that he was my guy. I almost said “I love you” on accident within the first few weeks because in my heart I just knew. I had to play it off like I say that to my girlfriends all of the time so it was a total accident.

He is extremely personable, kind, thoughtful, and is so dang handsome in my opinion. Kind of like a human golden retriever. He is always the BEST at surprises, he can cook (the best trait ladies), make a mean cocktail, loves the Lord and me better than anyone else I know. Overall, I can’t say enough about my guy and I can’t wait to continue this amazing adventure together.

Kelsie and Gabriel's Engagement in On Lake Michigan at a friend's lake home

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On Lake Michigan at a friend's lake home

how they asked

Gabe completely surprised me per usual. For months I had been so so excited to get engaged, but he kept telling me it was going to be Spring at the earliest. Or if he really wanted to get at me he told me 5 years! The night before we got engaged I was chatting with his mom about how if he didn’t get me a ring for Christmas he should return whatever he got me hahaha. I sound like a crazy person, but I just was so pumped to get our life started together.

On Friday, December 22 Gabe had a whole plan established. I worked a half day, took someone else’s engagement pictures, and finally headed to what I thought was bread baking for communion with a sweet lady from my church who happens to live on Lake Michigan. When I pulled up to her house after a extremely long week, I noticed a chalk board with writing and a jacket on it. I really didn’t think much of it and figured she was holding a Christmas party later in the day. As I got closer, I realized the hand writing was my best friend’s, and the chalk board was my mom’s, and the coat was mine. I was freaking out and SO shocked. I put the jacket on like the sign said and headed down to the back yard that overlooked Lake MI.

The second I turned the corner I saw Gabe, my best friend Gabby and her soon to be sister in law. (Who both happen to be the best photographer and videographer pair) I looked at my best friend and asked her what was going on. Gabe was tearing up and I was laughing and freaking out. I walked up to Gabe and he looked me in the eyes, said some really sweet things I can hardly remember because I was so in shock, and got down on his knee. It was the happiest moment of my life.

I said “yes” of course. Afterwards, we took some photos, had hot chocolate and champagne, and went to an underground speakeasy for a drink just us. Then he surprised me with a full blown party with all of our family and friends. Seriously, go Gabe. I couldn’t have planned it better myself. Overall it was so special and a day/evening I will never forget.

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