Kelsie and Clayton

Proposal Ideas 4-h fair grounds

How We Met

Clayton and I began dating in 2009 when I was 16 years old. We met at our 4-H fairgrounds a year prior to this.

how they asked

Fast forward to February 2018 and our small town in Indiana was underwater, literally. We were experiencing major flooding. The 23rd of February was my birthday so we planned to have a few friends over on the 24th after we had gone out to dinner with a few friends. We began navigating our way around the flooding to our destination when we made an unexpected stop at the same 4-H fairgrounds where we met.

My cousin who was with us faked a sickness to get him to stop and we all got out of the vehicle. We ran to a pavilion trying to stay dry. A few seconds later right there in the pouring rain where we first met almost 9 years ago Clayton asked me to marry him. It was perfect, downpour and all. We are getting married in October 2019 a month before our 10 year anniversary.

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