Kelsi and Tommy

Engagement Proposal Ideas in University of Cincinnati - Nippert Stadium

How We Met

I just got engaged! On a football field. At a University of Cincinnati Football Game. In front of 50,000 people. To my best friend.

Rewind two years: Tommy and I met at the University of Cincinnati in his 3rd and my 2nd year, (I’m way smarter ;) so I caught up and we graduated together in 2015). We randomly sat at the same lab table and since Tommy was the tallest guy in the class, and very good looking, he automatically caught my eye. I saw his UC Cheer backpack and immediately had second thoughts. I would never date a male cheerleader! Tommy and I became lab partners, then study buddies and spent many hours together on homework and projects. I couldn’t help but have a crush on him, (even though he seemed to be interested in every other girl BUT me!) I found out that he was the Bear-cat, our school mascot, which explained the cheer-leading bag. Then it finally dawned on me why the Bear-cat seemed to pick on me at random UC and Greek life events.

Fast forward to Senior Year: The “studying” resumed…. well, we claimed to be studying but instead we often watched movies or football games or went to brunch. Over time, we became best friends, and eventually each of us considered dating without bringing it up to the other. (Tommy was now free of other relational obligations.) When we graduated, I thought that was it. I was going away to Grad School and Tommy was going away to Officers Candidate School in the Army. We were best friends, but by then, I had given up on dating Tommy. Little did I know that he now had a HUGE crush on me! Timing is everything! Fast forward to our first date: Well, it wasn’t actually a “date”. Before we could grow too far apart, Tommy asked me to go on a road trip the next fall. His best friend from his hometown was getting married, and I was to be Tommy’s date.

I didn’t want to go. I had moved on. With coercion from my mom and friends, I reluctantly agreed. During the five hour car ride to Michigan, we quickly realized how much we missed each other’s company. The day after the wedding, at sunset, at his friend’s lake house, we officially became a couple. Two weeks after the wedding, Tommy shipped out to Basic Training. We fell in love over letters and Skype and a few surprise visits from him during officer school. The six weeks following his graduation, before he left for Signal School, we spent every day together in Cincinnati where it all began.

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And the Rest of the Story: A week ago, Tommy orchestrated the biggest surprise of my life. He bought our parents, family and friends homecoming tickets in the 12 th row, (right in front of the cheer squad). Tommy asked the current Bearcat to fetch me from the stands. (Meanwhile, he had disappeared to who knew where). The Bearcat led me down to the field where cheerleaders stunted up and held signs that read: “WILL”, “YOU”, “MARRY”, “ME?”

Proposal Ideas University of Cincinnati - Nippert Stadium

Then Tommy snuck up behind me in dress blues. In front of 50,000 people and on national TV, I said YES through tear filled eyes.

Somehow, my best friend became my rock, my go to, and the love of my life. Special thanks to the UC cheer team & mascots as well as all of our friends and family for keeping me in the dark throughout the day! Not only was it special that it was a surprise but it was even sweeter that you all were there to celebrate with us & witness the whole thing.

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