Kelsi and Mark

Image 1 of Kelsi and Mark

How We Met

The two of us met at a bible study for college students he was leading near campus. I had just moved back home to start nursing school and finish out my degree here when I attended a bible study I was invited to through a new friend (the grooms cousin). The moment I walked in there were fireworks– I knew he was my future. I saw a video asking couples about how they fell in love with their significant other a few months later and I was torn because I couldn’t answer that question. I couldn’t pick a specific moment that made me fall in love with Mark, because I fall in love with him every. single. day. That’s when I knew that I was with the one whom I was meant to be with- the one who makes me laugh every single day, the one who makes my bad days good and the good ones even better.

how they asked

Yesterday I hiked to the top of a beautiful mountain with two of my best friends, but went down it with my FIANCE. Mark had it all planned out, I went hiking for a “girls day” in Atlanta, Ga to Kennesaw Mountain with two of my best girl friends (that he set up for us). As I was over looking the view after a mile hike, I heard a familiar voice call my name.

Image 2 of Kelsi and Mark

Mark had been waiting for us the whole time at the top, and was now standing behind me telling me all of the sweetest things (?), then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him- YES!

Image 3 of Kelsi and Mark

Image 4 of Kelsi and Mark

We then celebrated with friends and family hiding in a bus watching from the other side. I can’t wait to be your wife Mark O’Quinn!

Image 5 of Kelsi and Mark

Image 6 of Kelsi and Mark