Kelsi and Mark

Image 9 of Kelsi and Mark

How We Met

One night a friend convinced me to come to a country bar with her to be her wing girl. Eventually, I found myself alone on the dance floor and Mark quickly used that as his opportunity to swoop in. We started dancing and I suppose by this point we had both had a bit too much to drink. While in a deep romantic dip on the dance floor Mark slowly, ever so slowly started to fall over. I’ve been dropped before and it’s always really hurt but somehow Mark cradled me to the floor in the softest slow-motion fall ever, I instantly burst out laughing and that’s when Mark claims he knew I was a keeper.

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We danced a bit more and then went our separate ways that night but somehow Mark managed to get my number and we went on a date the following week. We took things very slowly in our dating but life kept seeming to bring us together. I knew that Mark was the one when I went on a Europe trip with friends while Mark was doing a hike in Scotland and planning on going to Ireland as well. I was just heading out on a hike in Italy when Mark called and said, I can’t wait till the end of our trips to see you, I’m canceling my Ireland trip. Then 3 days later he surprised me in Portugal.

How They Asked

We had been talking about getting married for a while and Mark knew that I wanted it to be a special moment for just the two of us. During COVID we had been going on a lot of drives and I would always joke about different places we would see as being the perfect spot for a proposal. Little did I know that Mark was planning while I was joking away. One day we had afternoon plans to go for a drive, Mark wouldn’t tell me where we were going but I just figured we were going to visit the farmers market on the edge of the city.

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Once we started driving past the farmers market I was fairly upset because I remember complaining that I was hungry and nowhere he could be taking me would be better than there (poor guy, and boy was I wrong!). We kept driving past beautiful farmers’ fields and rolling hills to eventually pull up at an art center. It was starting to rain a bit but Mark convinced me there were beautiful walking paths that we should just quickly go check out.

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We got out of the car and started walking to the paths, it was eerily quiet out there and Mark was so nervous he was acting funny. I grabbed his hand and we started walking out to this beautiful view of rolling fields and I remember saying something about being surprised no one else was in such a beautiful spot. Then Mark spotted the photographer and said there is someone but I still didn’t get it and thought they were just capturing the beautiful scenery.

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Then we rounded the corner and when I saw the table Mark had set up my heart skipped a beat. On the table was a sign with lyrics to one of my favorite county songs, flowers, and a bunch of pictures of us from over the years. I couldn’t believe that the day I had dreamed of was finally here! We walked over to the table and he told me that he knew that no matter what came his way as long as he had me everything would be alright and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I almost didn’t let him finish, YES! A million times over, yes.

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Special Thanks

Sarah Pukin
 | Photographer