Kelsi and Chris

Kelsi and Chris's Engagement in Brookside Resort, Gatlinburg TN

How We Met

We first met in 2011, at a mutual friend’s house. We didn’t really speak, we just said hi and he continued to play Halo while I hung out with my friend. Fast forward to November of 2016, I had been crushing on him for a couple months. He had had a girlfriend & I was talking to someone. I went to his Facebook profile one night and noticed he was single so I sent him a friend request, thinking he wouldn’t even pay attention to me. He added me, and immediately liked my profile picture. I liked his, and this went back and forth for a few minutes. He messaged me and that was it. After that night I knew I wanted to be his forever.

how they asked

We went on a vacation to Gatlinburg, TN. We got settled in, then decided to go swimming. As we walked back to our room we saw a cute little bridge over the creek behind the hotel. We walked out on the bridge and after a few minutes he told me to wait there and he’d be right back. He comes back and gets down on one knee. His speech was short and sweet, and of course I said yes.

Where to Propose in Brookside Resort, Gatlinburg TN