Kelsi and Brody

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How We Met

We were not high school sweethearts but that’s where it all began. Brody and I had gone to the same high school but he never really noticed me (I was the band geek, he was the football jock). I thought he was the hottest thing (and still do). But of all places, Facebook brought us together my sophomore, his junior year. We talked for a few months but decided it wasn’t the best time for us to be together, still immature and all. Years went on, we reconnected in 2013 after we both had graduated. He had a girlfriend at the time so we decided to stay friends, but one morning I woke up to an essay of a text message where he said he never stopped having feelings for thing led to another and poof 3 years of dating had gone by.

how they asked

Christmas was always my favorite time of year, the lights, the music, I always thought he’d want to propose at Christmas time, but I never knew how he’d do it! On Christmas Eve 2016 we were at my parents house and I opened a present that had a shirt in it, the shirt read “Worlds Greatest Fiancée” as I looked up he was on his knee. The tears started flowing, with my family around it was very special.

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