Kelsey's Saturday Brunch Bridesmaid Proposal

I wanted to ask my friends in a cute way because they are all so special to me, and especially being in the wedding industry, I’ve dreamt and talked about this day for SO long. My best friends were obviously very excited for me and that I finally found true love! But I wanted to make them feel special too and remind them of how important they are all since they have been there with me through everything and will continue to be there for me the rest of my life as I will be there for them in return! It’s also rare we get everyone together, and I was not going to make the faux-pas of asking them at my engagement party which might hurt the feelings of those not invited to be in the party and takes away from the special moment of the day–because this is big! My wedding party has seven girls – my sister as my matron of honor, my cousin, a girlfriend from college, a girlfriend from work, and my three best girlfriends from my childhood hometown.

I chose to invite my friends over for an impromptu “Girl’s Brunch Saturday” at my apartment. I had the boxes all set, complete with personalized mini champagne labels, heart sunnies, Bridesmaid T-Shirts to get them pumped and gorgeous personalized champagne flutes that my friends can use throughout the year or even bring to the bachelorette party and day of the wedding! Once everyone arrived they all laughed because they already knew it was coming and I had on my blackboard “Will You Be my Bridesmaid Brunch” written. Once everyone was together though we did a mimosa toast, had some food and everyone opened their package at the same time. Then we laughed, cried, took photos, and talked wedding plans! I let my bridesmaids know I was thinking Neutrals (nudes, dusty pinks, purples, mauve etc) for the bridesmaid dresses because they all wanted to know so bad, though I’m being very bride-chilla. I’m letting the girls order from Lulu’s, Show me Your Mumu, or wherever they want so long as it goes with style and color so they can stay within budget and find something they might want to wear again. I also wanted to show them by giving this gift, that I don’t need the girls to spend their money on me, their support is more important to me than anything and so I wanted the gifts and celebrations to come now, as I know they will be with me throughout this journey.

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