Kelsey and Jason

How We Met

I first saw Jason in my first semester of college. It was at a community college so we both commuted. I saw him in my psychology class and I thought he was the cutest guy in the class. He was so tall and handsome! I didn’t get to see him that much because he sat in the way back and I sat in the front row. Both of us did not say one word to each other the whole semester. It was not until the beginning of February when our paths crossed on the app, Tinder. Yes, Tinder! He messaged me and said he had recognized me from the class. And it turns out he thought I was the cutest girl in the class, but was too shy to talk to me. From then on, we talked to each other every day until we went on our first date. And that is when the magic started.

how they asked

For the week of Christmas, my mom and her boyfriend, my brother, my grandma, Jason, and I decided to go to Panama City Beach, Florida. We spent the whole week enjoying quality seafood, souvenir shopping, and spending time with family. Unfortunately, 4 out of the 7 days that we were there, the sun was non-existent. It was foggy and rainy. It was not until the last two days that we were there that it was sunny and beautiful. One of those days happened to be Christmas Day. Jason had told me before that it was on his bucket list to have a romantic dinner by the beach. He had made my favorite dish, shrimp alfredo, and set up the table with a candle that couldn’t be lit due to the lack of a lighter or match. I could tell that he was acting a little weird and maybe a little nervous. I didn’t understand why until I saw him get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. I couldn’t be happier.

Image 1 of Kelsey and Jason

Image 2 of Kelsey and Jason