Kelsey and Kyle

Image 1 of Kelsey and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and Kelsey met online (OKCupid) and had a high percentile match, so Kelsey decided to message Kyle. After a very punny conversation they decided to meet up. After their second date where Kyle cooked an elaborate dinner and then watched a movie together, they both knew that their bond was something special. Soon after, they adopted a cat named Korra and began a little family. After Kelsey graduated from The Ohio State University, they moved in together and continued to develop their relationship.

how they asked

From Kelsey’s perspective, her brother and girlfriend decided to have a double date at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium where they could explore the Wildlights and her mom decided to make it special by granting us access to see a few baby animals and her dad would join to take pictures. Behind the scenes, Kyle had constructed all of this to make it seem like it wasn’t his idea. The day of, Kelsey and Kyle met for dinner and then met her parents at the zoo before the adventures began. There, they met a penguin, a baby kangaroo, and a baby clouded snow leopard all on the scene of Jack Hanna’s Holiday Special.

Image 2 of Kelsey and Kyle

Around the leopard’s neck was a green ribbon that said “Kelsey, Will You Marry Me?” and as she read it, Kyle dropped to his knee with a ring in his hands.

Image 3 of Kelsey and Kyle

Kelsey dropped to her knees to embrace Kyle after handing off the leopard cub and accepted his proposal with a round of applause from the camera crew, the zoo staff, and her family. It was everything Kelsey could have ever asked for and more!

Image 4 of Kelsey and Kyle