Kelsey and Zak

how we met

Zak and I met at the Battery downtown in Charleston, South Carolina. I had recently moved to Charleston (without a single friend!) and came to the park frequently with my puppy, Oliver. Zak was at the park with his dog, Molly. He walked by, the pups started sniffin’ and we started talking!

how they asked

Zak and I planned to go to Asheville in the fall. We both had never been and thought this could be a great time for our parents to meet (or so I thought!). I even asked Zak if an engagement was his plan, and he convinced me otherwise. The cabin that we rented in the mountains was absolutely breath taking!!! It looked as if it came straight out of a HGTV magazine!

We planned to go to the Biltmore for the day. Before our tour, someone suggested to take pictures on the front lawn. We all took some pictures and after Zak and I did, I began to walk away (Zak forgot to tell me that we should thank our families for traveling and coming to meet one another!). Zak got everyone’s attention and began thanking everyone for coming. As everyone started to back away from me, I knew something was going on (as my palms got sweaty and a nervous smile crossed my face!) He began to tell everyone about our story, got down on one knee and popped the question! I said OMG, YES!

Special Thanks

Sarah Beach Photography
 | Photography
Downtown Charleston
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