Kelsey and Zach

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How We Met

Zach and I met the summer of 2013. We were both working at the Hoover YMCA, he was a lifeguard and I worked in the children department. I noticed him a couple of times that summer while at the pool but never thought much about him. I was knew to Birmingham, so we were always going out and I was all about meeting new people. He happened to go out with us one night, and we began to continue to hang out. At first I wasn’t sure if I even liked him, I just enjoyed having someone to hang out with. Soon enough we were always together and our relationship grew and I can’t imagine being with anyone else!

how they asked

Zach proposed on May 3, 2015. My mother was in town that weekend from Oxford, Mississippi (my hometown). We were at the mall and I was in a dressing room trying on a dress when there was a knock on my dressing room door. I said hello and nobody answered. There was another knock so I opened the door to see my best friend Maggie who lives in Oxford, Mississippi standing there with a letter and filming me. I was soooo confused and shocked to see her. She handed me the letter and it was handwritten from Zach. As soon as I read the letter I remember saying ” OMG I am about to get engaged.” With the letter I was not allowed to ask any questions, I was to go with Maggie and do as I was told. Maggie took me back to my apartment and I was to put something nice on. The next place we went was to the nail salon. After getting my nails done, Maggie handed me her phone and it was a video from my best friend Danielle. She told me I was to go to the place where Zach and I met, which was the Hoover YMCA. Once we got there, two of my best friends and their mom were there with a puzzle that I had to put together. I then had to go to where we had our first date, which his mom was at with a letter from Zach. From there we went to where we had our first kiss. My friend Erin was at this location with a letter that sent me to the Vulcan (as stated in the letter: The place in which you can see Birmingham, the place in which we will start our lives together.). Once we got to the Vulcan I saw balloons so I was convinced he was going to propose there. However, I was wrong there was one more video from my friend Mary-Grace. I was then to go to Zach’s dads house, where we have had many family dinners. Once we got to his dad’s house, Zach was standing in the back yard with some of our friends and family standing there. He then got down on his knee and proposed! I honestly couldn’t even tell you what he said, I just know I said yes!

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