Kelsey and Tyler

Image 1 of Kelsey and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I met in the wonderful fall of 2014. Since I was doing online schooling at home and all of my friends were going to school in the city, I’d make the two hour drive each Thursday just to have some socialization at a young adults church group (and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t mainly going there in search for the love of my life). After almost a year of making the weekly trek, the night I’d been waiting for finally came. The last seat at my table was taken by the most attractive man I’d ever laid my eyes on, and he introduced himself as Tyler. On a normal night at young adults I’d leave as soon as the event ended, but this night was different. Tyler and I ended up talking until we were some of the last people left in the building, and were eventually forced to part ways. It was only after I got in my vehicle that I realized I didn’t even know his last name, or have any way of knowing if I’d ever see him again. However, a day later any fear I had was gone. A Facebook message trying to seem nonchalant (but failing) at asking me for my number changed my life. After a few more Thursdays, milkshake dates, and long walks by the river, Tyler asked my parents permission to date me.

how they asked

Like many couples, Tyler and I had to live through long distance dating. Knowing my heart the way he did, Tyler had begun writing me letters before we had even officially started dating. By the time that unsuspecting fall day arrived, countless letters had been sent back an forth between us. That gorgeous October morning Tyler suggested that we take all of our letters, find a place in a quaint little coffee shop, and read every single one of them. Romance at its finest, am I right? Later that evening, Tyler and I were supposed to be meeting his parents for dinner in a city about a two hours away (or so I thought). On our trip there we got a text from his mom saying they were running a little behind, so there was no need to rush. Five more minutes along the way we passed a sign for a Christmas tree farm, so Tyler suggested we check it out. Anyone who knows me knows I live for all things Christmas, so this was just the kind of thing I loved, even if it was only October. After much reassurance from Tyler that we were not trespassing, and that if I would just get out of the car we’d be just fine, we were walking through rows upon rows of the most perfect Christmas trees. As we went from one row to another I looked up to see a table set for two, complete with red roses, candles, and lights strung from the trees. A second later Tyler pulling a letter from his pocket and reading to me the sweetest words that my heart could never dare to forget. The end of the letter was signed “Love your soon to be Husband, Tyler”. It was then that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Image 2 of Kelsey and Tyler

Of course I said yes more times than needed and was thrown into the best night of my life. We then enjoyed hot pumpkin chai pancakes, sparkling apple juice, and laughing more in one night than I ever have in my life. The entire day was pure bliss.

Image 3 of Kelsey and Tyler