Kelsey and Travis

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How We Met

Travis moved to St. Mary’s County from his hometown of State College, PA in August of 2011 when he was offered a job at Great Mills High School. I (Kelsey) had been teaching in St. Mary’s County a year already at that point, and was about to start my second year teaching at Fairlead Academy (0.5 miles away from Great Mills High School). A friend of mine that taught at Great Mills invited me to participate in a fantasy football draft, which I had never done before due to my lack of interest in professional football. I agreed to try the league mainly because I thought that would make me more interested in watching the games. Little did I know, but that same friend had met the new teacher Travis at school that week and invited him to participate as well. He agreed, because he actually liked football, and because he thought it would be a good way to meet people in this new area he was in. So, Travis and I both separately headed to the live fantasy football draft held at the Leonardtown Pub. However, because that was the weekend that Hurricane Irene visited us, the Pub’s kitchen and bar was down with no power. So, the group completed the draft there, and then headed to a nearby bar (shoutout to ABC liquors!) where we had some drinks, hung out, and played some darts. This is where Travis and I began to chat. We started dating about a month later after running into each other at a Great Mills football game and then going out to dinner with a group of friends after. Soon after that came the first official date and the rest is history!

how they asked

Travis and I (Kelsey) met in Fall 2011 while we were both high school teachers and coaches. Roughly five years later, on April 9, 2017, we were heading back to the Baltimore area where we live on a Sunday afternoon after being in my home town of St. Mary’s County, MD that weekend for a friend’s wedding. On our way back, Travis suggested stopping and going for a walk at Calvert Cliffs State Park. I love looking for shark’s teeth and have a huge collection at home, so of course, I was happy with that suggestion. We walked out to the beach and began hunting for shark’s teeth. About a half hour later, Travis called me over to help find a sharks tooth that he lost in a wave. I began looking in the sand to help him, with my hood up because of the wind and with numb fingers and toes from the freezing cold water. I noticed Travis wasn’t really helping me so turned around to try to get him to help too. I turned around to find Travis down on one knee! Random beach goers cheered and I was surprised to find out a photographer had been documenting the whole thing! Although I was not able to look picture perfect in these pictures, I love them and my proposal story because it represents our sometimes messy but always wonderfully surprising journey. Looking forward to our July 14, 2018 wedding date!

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Special Thanks

Amanda Wose - engagement
 | Photographer