Kelsey and Terrence

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Irvine Nature Center

How We Met

Terrence and I met during my junior year and his senior year at Stevenson University. We had mutual friends but had never met in person before. I remember going out one night with my friends Ashley and Princeton and they asked me if I knew Terrence and what I thought about him. I didn’t know him well enough to answer that question but Ashley told me that Terrence had noticed me around campus and had a mini crush on me.

Later that fall, Terrence and I met in person and started talking as friends for a few months. He showed me from the very beginning that he deeply cared for me and he treated me a way that no other guy had ever done before. I was scared to begin a new relationship but he was patient and persistent and did not give up on trying to make me his girlfriend. He came to all of my dance performances, texted me every day to see how I was doing and made efforts to hang out with me even if it was just to do homework together. He became my best friend and we officially started dating on November 24th 2014 and have been inseparable ever since.

Even after we both graduated, we still made time to see each other and worked through the hardships together as we both began to transition into the next chapters of our lives.

how they asked

Terrence and I had talked about getting engaged for a while and I knew it was coming soon. The morning of October 20th I went to breakfast with my friend Amber (who also went to Stevenson) to catch up since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. She asked if we could go to a small little breakfast cafe that was near our college. After eating breakfast she told me that she wanted to go visit the Irvine Nature Center as she knew this was a place I loved and went to with Terrence all the time in college and she had never been there before.

We arrived and I noticed Terrence’s car was in the parking lot. Putting 2 and 2 together, I knew that this might be the moment I have been waiting for. Amber and I started walking on the trail and along the way there were pictures of Terrence and I hanging up on the trees. The pictures started at the beginning of our relationship and went through all of our important moments we have shared together. I was about to reach a beautiful gazebo where the overlook was when I heard my phone go off. I looked down and Terrence had sent me a video of more pictures with the song “Marry Me” playing. I made my way to the overlook and there was my best friend and the man of my dreams waiting for me in the big open field ready for our big moment.

Stevenson’s homecoming was happening at the same time and we could hear the marching band playing. Terrence said the sweetest things to me (half of which I can’t remember because I was sobbing and so overwhelmed) and then he got one one knee and asked me to marry him.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Irvine Nature Center

It was the most magical and overwhelming moment I have experienced.

Perfect path. Perfect place. Perfect weather. Perfect timing. Perfect man.

My heart is so full.

Special Thanks

Kelsey Marie Shirey
Kelsey Marie Shirey
Kelsey Marie Shirey