Kelsey and Tanner

How We Met

Tanner and I met in Las Vegas while both participating in an internship program with MGM Resorts International. We were housed in Circus Circus for the summer of 2014 in rooms directly across the hall from each other. When beginning the internship, we quickly became friends who would eat meals together, adventure to the nightclubs and catch up on our weekly laundry together. Upon the closure of the internship program, I decided to stay in Las Vegas and obtain a full time position while Tanner had chose to go back to Pennsylvania and finish college. Once Tanner had made it back to PA, we had skype calls to keep in touch. One evening he had mentioned to me that he had an interest to move out to Las Vegas because he wanted to be with me. Tanner’s exact words were that he “did not want me to be the one who got away”. He always has been quite the romantic.. We spent four months long distance where he then moved out to Las Vegas, started a full time position as a staff accountant and finish his courses online to complete his undergrad degree. We spent two years in Las Vegas together where we adventured all along the west coast, attending concerts and festivals, sports events, hiking the west coast, taking helicopter rides and driving race cars. Las Vegas was one adventure after another. After being so far away from both of our families, we decided to move to Indiana (Where I am from) to start out next chapter. Tanner has always been willing to take risks for our relationship, go to the extremes to make things work and support all endeavors that God brings our way. He’s my prince charming!

Proposal Ideas Dublin, Ireland

Kelsey's Proposal in Dublin, Ireland

how they asked

Tanner and I had decided to plan a trip abroad, as I have a long list of places I’d love to see. We had set our eyes on Ireland and England and booked a trip during our slow periods at work. The first day when we arrived to Dublin, we had checked into our room and showered up where Tanner had told me we had a surprise that evening. He’s always been sweet at planning things for us or arranging adventures (because he knows I prefer experiences over things). Tanner wouldn’t tell me details, however he did let me know to wear tennis shoes but that we were also going to dinner later. With his help in guiding my outfit, we hoped on the train and heading to the west of Dublin. On our way he had mentioned we were heading to the beautiful Howlth Cliffs, but that was only the start of the surprise. Once we got to Howlth Pier, Tanner turned to me and said, “But there’s more…”. He explained that he had hired a photographer, Johanna King, who was going to join us on a hike and take pictures of us. Since we both like experiences and this was our first international trip together, Tanner said he wanted to document the beauty and our adventures. Johanna had joined us walking towards the cliffs, taking pictures of the beautiful scenery and us along the walk. We made various pit stops to soak in the sights and take pictures. We had eventually made it a couple miles in the hike, where Johanna had asked to stage a picture with me facing her and Tanner walking up behind me to bear hug me. I stood facing Johanna, smiling slightly awkward as I’ve never been that photogenic. Soon enough Tanner walked up behind me and hugged me, repeating to me “I love you so much”. Seconds later he whispers, “But there’s more…” and he breaks away from the bear hug. Tanner drops down to one knee, with the biggest smile on his face and tears filling his eyes. At first he cannot speak and then I’m crying alongside of him. We both find ourselves laughing at the idea that we’re both crying and yet we’re soaking in the moment of which we’ve both dreamed about for quite some time now. Tanner took a deep breath and asked, “Will you marry me?”. Unable to stop crying, I screeched the word, “Ya!” and barely looked at the ring. After multiple hugs and kisses, I finally reached for the ring and put it on. Our photographer had taken amazing pictures of this moment and continued to take more. She had brought an Irish Pale Ale, King Puck Beer, for us to cheers with and drink to celebrate. While in Ireland, it suited the scenery perfect! We sat down, looked out onto the ocean and soaked in the beautiful scenery. Perfect location for our proposal!

Special Thanks

Johanna King