Kelsey and Steve

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How We Met

I met Steve 7 years ago (just celebrated in September) from an online dating website, Plenty of Fish. He was 21 and I had just turned 20. I honestly felt connected to him right away. About a month after we started dating, I told him I was planning on moving from my hometown of Westbrook, CT to NYC. He went and ASKED my parents if he could move in with me. He uprooted his whole life and moved in with me.

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We lived in NY for a while and then moved to NJ, and unfortunately a month before our 1 year anniversary, his mom passed away. Through all his trips back and forth to take care of things, all he worried about was making sure I was alright. Shortly after that, we moved back to his hometown of Berlin, CT to live with his father and grandparents. A lot has happened in the past 7 years, and I am so fortunate to have had him by my side through it all. He truly is the perfect person for me ❤️

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How They Asked

I kinda had a feeling that he was going to propose soon, but I had no idea of the details and planning that he did! Apparently, he wanted to do it on my birthday (September 7th) and before our friends got married on September 19th, but it would’ve been very last minute. His best friend, Nick, came home (for good!) from the marines and wanted him to be there (so did I!). We planned a mini vacation for this weekend to go to mystic with Nick and have my parents and my sister, our friends Kevin and Liana (who just got married!) and our friend Torie come visit on Saturday and go out to dinner.

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We always get together with my parents and Kevin and Liana do it sounded like a great time! We got to the apartment we rented and changed and walked to the downtown mystic. We got across the drawbridge and we decided to go off to a deck down by the water. We took some family pictures and then some pictures of just the two of us and then he got down on one knee and asked me, and OF COURSE, I said yes! I cried I felt so absolutely loved and so happy! Afterward, everyone told me his plan because they all knew about it except me!

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Apparently, he went down to my parents’ house two weeks before with the ring and asked them. He told me he was going bowling with Torie and I thought nothing of it! He also took the picture with them and the ring and said “this is kinda hokey, but Kelsey loves hokey things” he’s not wrong! He also had the ring delivered to Kevin and liana’s house that is 40 minutes away from us and told me he was working late one day and went to get it! I am so happy our friends and family were there to celebrate with us and I am so happy I can’t explain it! I’m a fiancé! 🥰💍

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