Kelsey and Seth

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Freedom Aviation

How We Met

Seth and I met on September 1, 2016. It was the second day of classes and I was already running late so I slipped into the back of the class after running up four flights of stairs with seconds to spare. There was only one seat left in the room, in the back right next to him! I asked him if the seat was taken and he graciously offered it to me. It’s cheesy to say but I knew that there was something different about him on that first day we met. We became friends as the semester went on and bonded over our similar childhoods. We even scheduled another class together for the next semester so that we would be able to stay close! We spent the whole school year being best friends and that summer we started dating.

how they asked

Seth and my family succeeded at deceiving me for months that this proposal was not going to be happening any time soon so I expected nothing! Seth had just received his instrument rating on his pilot’s license and told me he wanted to take me flying for the first time. I was so excited! He convinced me I had to dress up and look nice because of the dress code at the airport (even though there was none) and he also told me that an employee had to take photos of the plane before and after flying for insurance purposes. I believed everything he said and we took off. It was the most amazing experience and he flew me over the lake where he first told me he was gonna marry me someday.

We flew around and I was just loving watching my man do his thing and then he told me we had to go back early because there were storms forming. We landed back at the airport and he went to get the employee to rake the insurance pictures. He came out and Seth asked me to go over post flight checks with him. He said he had to check something under the nose of the plane and wanted me to try and see it. When I bent down to look at whatever it was and then when I came back up to tell him that I couldn’t see it he was down on one knee!! I freaked out and I couldn’t believe it! We were waiting to say “I love you” until we were engaged and he told me how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend our lives together.

Kelsey's Proposal in Freedom Aviation

Of course, I said YES and then both of our families came running out of the airport to meet us! Best surprise and best day ever❤️