Kelsey and Sean

How We Met

Sean and I met in middle school and became best friends instantly! When we were 15 we began dating and have been together ever since. We did long distance through college while he was in Arizona and I was in Colorado. After we both graduated, we moved to Utah together where we are currently living our life.

how they asked

I was sitting having lunch at my grandmas house when she buzzed someone into the gate. I remember thinking I wonder who that is. All the sudden I see Sean driving down the street in the highlander and he looks at me and give a smile. Igo out front and ask him what he is doing there. He looks at me and says he’s picking me up and we’re going somewhere. We drive out of the neighborhood where I am asking lots of questions and he won’t answer. We arrive at dunafon castle and I feel pretty proud of myself for figuring out where we were going. We begin the tour of the property and as I walk I am eyeing Sean suspiciously. As we walk the property I begin to think that He isn’t going to propose. Sean then suggests we take photos to remember the venue, so I grab his phone and decide to take videos. I take a few and we are walking enjoying the scenery, we go out to the gazebo where I take a video and get about 3/4 of the way around and notice in my peripheral that he is lower. I quickly turn around and see him on one knee with the ring box as he says “Kelsey Dianne McCallister, will you marry me?”

Image 1 of Kelsey and Sean