Kelsey and Sam

How We Met

Sam and I were next-door neighbors in college at Baylor University. When I saw I had new neighbors, I decided to go make friends since I was alone all summer with my roommates out of town. Sam opened the front door and I remember standing amazed at how bright his eyes looked in the sun. I just stood there until he finally mentioned “oh yeah, you live next door!” and I was able to must enough courage to ask for his phone number “in case of an emergency”… the rest is history!

How They Asked

Sam plays football for Baylor University so season means he’s crazy busy and we don’t get many date nights! With fall camp approaching, Sam suggested we go on one final fancy date night before the full swing of season schedule. OF COURSE, I said yes and I actually had to remind him that we needed to find a time. Since I felt like I was involved in the plans, I seriously did not think he planned on proposing. Naturally, I checked his pockets just to be sure – but they were empty (I later found out he hid the ring in his boots)! We went to our favorite fancy place in Waco (1424 Bistro) and I even remember thinking, “dang he looks extra cute tonight”. After dinner, Sam said “let’s do something other than just eat! How about watching the sunset at Cameron Park?”. Just as we found a spot at “Lovers leap” to take in the view, Sam said, “I have to show you something”.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in “Lover’s Leap” at Cameron Park in Waco, TX

He got down on one knee and I physically jumped a few feet away from him because I was so shocked! After expressing the sweetest words, he asked me to marry him and I started jumping up and down screaming “yes!”!!! I heard the clicking of a camera and his sister came out from behind a tree, followed by his parents! We are so happy and excited to get MARRIED!