Kelsey and Richard

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How We Met

Our story is definitely a long and complicated one, but I’ll give the short version. It’s actually pretty funny because the first time I saw him was in our college cafeteria, and I was checking out some other guy for a friend. Richard thought I was looking at him though. It turned out that we actually had friends in common, so we started to hang out around campus. Our relationship began with us just being very good friends (who obviously had feelings for each other). But, both being very cautious people when it comes to relationships, we decided to just remain friends and get to know one another better.

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So that’s what we did. But the waiting was lasting longer than I thought. I started to become frustrated because I REALLY liked him, but he didn’t want to be in a relationship yet. It went like that for a while… I liked him but he didn’t want a relationship. Then he liked me but I was over him. We finally realized, with a little help from my best friend and roommate, that we should at least try. So we went on a date, after over a year of one very interesting friendship. We dated a few years. And here we are, getting married in September.

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how they asked

I normally visit my now fiancé each weekend at his house an hour away. I also normally pack really cute outfits to wear for us to go out. Well, I thought the weekend of September 16th would just be relaxing, stay at home kind of weekend. So that Saturday when we went out to eat at one of our favorite local pubs for lunch, I put on an old tank top and shorts with wet hair and no makeup…which I never do. Never.

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Well, of course, as we’re sitting there, sharing a plate of messy fries covered in roast beef, I notice him staring at me. Typical me, I just reply with “what?” as I shove another fry into my mouth. He then proceeded to say incredibly cheesy but completely romantic things about how much he loved me.

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The part that really got me was when he said that he was tired of waiting for that “perfect moment” to pop the question when every moment we spend together is already perfect. I never expected my perfect proposal to be over a plate of fries while wearing absolutely no makeup, but I couldn’t have asked for a better moment or a better man.

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