Kelsey and Paul

How We Met: I met Paul almost five years ago at a New Years party that was an intended event for him and my sister to spend time together at. He invited her to go and told her to bring friends for his roommates, and she of course brought me along. As the story goes, or so I hear, Paul and his roommates had a bet to see who could win my sister over. I’m told that when I walked through the front door of their house, trailing behind her, Paul turned to his roommates and told them that the bet is off and that he wanted to win me over instead. Needless to say, he succeeded.

how they asked: After that night, and nearly 5 years of dating adventures, Paul began building a house. On the night of the proposal he took me to a romantic dinner, then a walk in the park, and then convinced me to go check on the framing updates of the new house. As I walked up to the front door, I saw candles lining the windows and creating a pathway on the floor. I looked back at him in confusion as he then guided me to the center of the candles.

He held my hands in his, as the tears began pouring down my face, and recited “Years ago, you walked into my house and you changed my life. Now, I want you to walk through this house, our house, so I can change yours.” He then proceeded to get down on one knee and finished the rest of his speech with “I want to not only build a house with you, but a life with you as well. Will you marry me?”


Through both of our tears I managed to get out a very ineloquent “Well Duh!”, instead of the “YES!” I had always planned to say.


After the proposal, Paul convinced me to go out downtown for a celebratory drink. He kept secret where we were headed and took us to a really posh bar with a secret “speakeasy” room in their basement. When he opened the door of the secret room there  inside waiting were all our family and close friends, waiting with champagne to celebrate us.


It was the most stunning engagement and I will forever cherish the details, love, laughter, tears, and surprises of that night.

Photos by: Rebecca Paterson, Same Peter, and Erick Kenaston