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How We Met

Nick and I met at the bar he works at when I was going in and visiting my friend who works there with him. He disagrees, but the first time I remember him speaking to me, I was sitting at the bar alone (my friends I was with on the patio had been bothering me) and he said he poured an extra shot of tequila and asked if I wanted it. He knew the way to my heart and I was instantly hooked. I thought he was extremely good looking so I would find any excuse to visit or pop in after work or drag a friend in for a drink just so I could get a chance to talk to him. I went in there so often that one night my friend texted me and told me there was a guy at her work who thought I was cute and wanted my number!

I freaked out I was so excited and praying it was him when she texted me a picture of a not-as-good-looking guy who worked there also. Disappointed, I told her to say that I was talking to someone so she could let him down easy since he wasn’t who I was interested in. A few days later I went in the bar to visit again, had a couple drinks, and proposed to the star-tender I had been crushing on using a bar straw and finally got a text the next day from the hot bartender I had been pining after! And he has been putting up with my craziness ever since!

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On May 20th it was the 3rd anniversary of us “officially” dating so we planned to do a nice dinner out to celebrate. Unfortunately, a softball tournament we play every year in honor of a friends sibling was postponed to the same day because of bad weather the weekend before. I started to worry about postponing dinner in case the tournament ran late and we wouldn’t be able to make it but he assured me all week that we would be fine and not to worry, and luckily my worries disguised any worries he had. We made the best of it and had a great day with friends, drinking, laughing, playing and got done early with time to go home, relax, nap and show him the scrapbook I made him of our first three years together (I didn’t know at the time how fitting the gift was). We got all dressed up and headed to center city in an Uber. We got to Barclay Prime, where we had originally gone for dinner 3 years earlier, and feasted, drank, laughed and had a nice perfect, dinner together. We were stuffed so we declined dessert and decided we would stroll through the park to another bar or two. After 10 minutes or so of sitting and finishing our drinks, and Nick running to the bathroom, we were still waiting on our check. Next thing I know, a waiter walks up behind Nick with a small plate that had some sort of candle, and in the 2 seconds it took for my heart to skip a beat he turned around and disappeared! I immediately squeaked out, “Aw babe! I thought maybe it was a ring or something!!” Nick just laughed like he always does when I make those comments and not even a millisecond later another server turned and said, “I saw the plate guys, Happy Anniversary that’s really nice! Congratulations! He saw you didn’t have any silverware so he’ll be back in just a second.”

Kelsey and Nick's Engagement in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA

Nick laughed that he had forgotten he had told them when he made the reservation that it was our anniversary and he had wondered what was taking so long too. We had dessert, paid the bill and I decided to mentally throw in the towel on expecting a proposal. He had told me earlier in the week that he was thinking a fall engagement (a really great decoy) and I didn’t want to be a pain constantly harassing him. Plus it was our anniversary and Nick would NEVER do it then because it would be too obvious. We left Barclay Prime, held hands and crossed the street into the park to head towards the other side where he said the bars were. We walked up into the park to the most beautiful set up of flowers and candles and petals and a small sign in the middle. Now, this is Rittenhouse Square so I thought it was some sort of beautifully decorated memorial, so I went towards the left to walk around it when he tugged on my hand to stop and said, “Babe look at the sign.”

“The sign?” I thought, “How in the world can you even read that from back here? It’s so dark!” So I walked up to see what this sign was that he wanted me to read and I started to walk down the aisle of rose petals and candles, completely unaware of what was happening. I looked up and read the first line of the sign which said, “I PROMISE YOU ALWAYS” Finally realizing what I was surrounded by I turned around and screamed (loud enough for the video) “Are you F***ing kidding me? Are you joking??” And all he said was, “Babe read the sign.” I turned back around as I began losing my breath and read the most amazing words… I PROMISE YOU ALWAYS To put you FIRST, to LISTEN, to hold your hand, make you SMILE, and LOVE you UNCONDITIONALLY. To be respectful, loyal, honest, and ETERNALLY devoted. To KISS you goodnight, and always DREAM together To FIGHT for all of life’s challenges. To be your protector, your advisor, your BEST FRIEND, your FAMILY, your EVERYTHING. I PROMISE YOU FOREVER. 5.20.2017

When I turned back around, the love of my life was down on one knee, with a BEAUTIFUL diamond ring in his hand, and he said, “I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?” I squealed out as much of a YES! as I could and began crying my eyes out! It was the most amazing, magical, beautiful, breathtaking moment of my life. A crowd, which had gathered around while our friends set it all up and waited, let out a huge cheer and clapped while I.y dreams not only came true, but we’re completely shattered!

Not only did he set up the most beautiful, amazing proposal that literally stunned me, he also had our friends and family waiting for us at a local bar to celebrate. We packed the cars up and our friend drove us to the bar while we sat in the back seat hugging and crying, surrounded by all of the flowers, candles and lanterns. Our friends who have known for weeks but couldn’t be there with us cause of a wedding, face timed us screaming and cheering that they’d been waiting all night constantly checking their phones! And slowly word started to spread that it had officially happened! Apparently what felt like the whole world knew before I did, but it couldn’t have been more perfect. I get to marry the love of my life who spent months and countless hours, minutes and seconds going over and planning every single detail to make sure that it was a perfect night and it was so much more.

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Posted by Nick O'Hey on Monday, May 22, 2017

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