Kelsey and Nathan

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How We Met

My love story begins with a swipe, followed by a match, and ending with a proposal. Yes, I met Nathan on the well known app of Tinder. Granted it was over 3 years ago so I like to think it wasn’t so much of a “hook up” app as it is said to be now. We hit it off over text and after two weeks of talking we had our first date. It was the greatest date of my life. There were nachos, drinks, a walk on the downtown pier, some Alanis Morissette karaoke, butterflies, and lots and lots of smiling. He was a perfect gentleman and he still gives me butterflies after all this time.

how they asked

On Dec 16th Nathan and I had made plans for dinner to use gift card we had for Saltys on Alki beach. Being a fancy restaurant, I put on a dress and my puffy coat since it was FREEZING! We had to go to dinner early because I had a girls night to go to afterward. Because I had to stop at the store for cheese and wine, we were late to dinner and I was stressed. The view of Seattle from this place is breathtaking and so Nathan said “okay Kels, since we’re late we have to come back after dinner and look at the view from the pier”. I agreed and we had a wonderful dinner. On our way back to the pier, I saw so many people and thought “they are crazy! It’s so cold out here” seeing it was only 7:30, I realized the view was worth being cold for a bit. As we approached the pier, I saw one group was night fishing and didn’t pay much attention to the other. Nathan and I stopped in the middle of the groups and took a few pictures of the city. When he turned towards me, I saw his eyes were watery and thought it was just from the cold air. He said something about how he was so excited to go to Maui (we went the 20th) but was sad we had to miss Christmas and being with our families. As he said that, my eyes caught a familiar face behind Nathan. It was my brother, I was so confused. When I said “Matt!?” He turned and looked at me and then I saw my sister. I started crying since it just clicked what was happening. Nathan had invited my brother and sister, my mom and dad, my step parents, and his parents to all be there at the pier. He even had one of our soccer teammates who is a photographer (@stevendangerfield) to take pictures of the moment. I was totally surprised and was so happy.

This was, I still had girls night! Once in the car, I told Nathan I’d call the host and tell her that him and I could stop by, but because of the engagement I would stay with him and celebrate with family. Claudia, who was hosting told me about 4 girls were there and she wouldn’t say anything to ruin the surprise for them. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see 20 of my closest friends all there with bride-to-be stuff and confetti and champagne. Nathan had secretly changed my girls night into an engagement party. Again, I was brought to tears of happiness. There was also a photographer there to capture some of the party (@isawgold). This was the best night of my life!

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Special Thanks

Steven Dangerfield
 | Photographer