Kelsey and Michael

How We Met

I was at nursing school in Philadelphia with one of Michael’s friends from college and he saw a picture of the two of us she posted on Instagram and said, “I’m going to marry that girl.” He came to Philly one weekend and I refused to go out that night and meet him because I had exams the next week and I needed to study! Besides, I didn’t think I had time for a guy. He was so certain that he took the train the following weekend again and we finally met and ended up talking and laughing the whole night. There was a big group trip planned for Memorial Day weekend about a month later and after the influence of a few too many cocktails he told me loved me, had never met anyone like me, and asked me to be his girlfriend (who officially asks anymore, right?? I loved it haha).

how they asked

Fast forward four years and I’m convinced we’re getting engaged at our anniversary dinner. Michael called to “check in” after I got home from work and asked if I was planning on wearing a dress and fake eyelashes (not normal or subtle behavior at all). We’re midway through dinner, which I’ve barely touched, when I realize he’s messing with me and it’s not happening tonight! He’d done this a couple of times to be funny before, but never so convincingly. I’d like to say that I handled this with grace, but I was so mad that I wouldn’t talk to him and I jumped at the suggestion my roommate from college made to meet uptown the next day.

After shopping all morning, my friend tells me she left her credit card at work happy hour and we need stop by and pick it up. I am oblivious and suspect nothing. We walk into the lobby of the Viceroy and it’s completely empty except for my dad waiting to take me up to the roof. When we get off the elevator upstairs there is the most perfect view of Central Park and Michael standing there waiting to propose. Afterwards he had brunch planned with both of our families (he arranged to have my whole family fly out from California) and then said he wanted to go back to the Viceroy for a celebratory drink.

We got off the elevator I was caught off guard again to the happy shouts of all of our friends who had come to NYC for a surprise engagement party! And as if all this wasn’t more than enough, Michael had rented Suite 57 downstairs for the night and brought the outfit I wore to dinner because he knew that was what I wanted to wear for our engagement. Seriously, swoon.

Kelsey's Proposal in Viceroy Central Park New York

Where to Propose in Viceroy Central Park New York

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