Kelsey and Mark

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disney World's Magic Kingdom

How We Met

Mark and I met through a mutual friend. He was living in Houston,TX and I was living in Lafayette, LA at the time. Our friend, Brandon, told me he had a friend I might be interested in and that he was coming in town for the weekend. We decided to head out to a country western bar that Thursday night. The Friday morning Mark and Brandon decided we were going to take a spur of the moment trip to New Orleans. Being from New Orleans I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, especially since it was during Mardi Gras season. On the Saturday, Mark took me on a date just the two of us to one of my favorite small cafes in the French Quarter. It was there that we truly got to learn more about each other. Once the weekend was over we exchanged numbers and here we are today, both living Houston, TX and so excited to be planning our special day.

how they asked

For those who know me and even those who don’t, Disney has always been a major part of my life. I’ve been more times than you can count on both hands. I’ve had some of my most cherished memories here. Mark and I decided we wanted to spend the holiday season at the happiest place on earth. I mean how can you resist Disney during the Christmas season. So our bags were packed and we were headed off to Disney. As a Disney fanatic I had all our days strategically planned out, the trip wouldn’t feel right without spending the first day at Magic Kingdom. Once we got to the park we made our way up to the castle to take your typically castle picture and before I get could into position to pose, Mark was on one knee asking for my hand in marriage. I was in total shock and excitement. The love of my life was making all of my Disney dreams come true. It’s safe to say on December 4, 2017 I was the happiest girl at the happiest place on earth.

Kelsey and Mark's Engagement in Disney World's Magic Kingdom

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