Kelsey and Mark

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mount Washington Summit

How We Met

Mark and I met, became friends and started dating in 2010 when we were both in high school. He actually sat in the row behind me in a band. One story Mark always brings up is one of our first “conversations”, which I actually wasn’t even having with him! The band was lined up prior to a concert and I had asked one of my friends nearby why the lights were on, and to my surprise, Mark responded….by saying “Yeah. The lights are on.” I remember thinking, “who the heck is this guy? I know the lights are on…thanks for nothing bud. Also, I wasn’t really talking to you…” Maybe it was his idea of a pickup line? ? I’m not sure what he thought he was trying to say or if that was his plan all along, but it definitely got my attention at the moment!

As time went on, I got to be more familiar with Mark. He knew exactly what he was doing and was definitely the more forward one, while I was oblivious to his flirting and just found him to be the typical teenage boy….funny for sure, but incredibly annoying at times.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mount Washington Summit

Looking back, we were effortless together. Our humor was the same and we had similar values. But, we were also in high school and had no worries in the world! Over the past 9 years, 2 of which we’ve been engaged, we’ve grown up together. From our parents having to drive us for our dates because we were too young to have a driver’s license yet, to high school graduations, moving away for college, graduating and beginning careers…. we’ve been there for each other through it all, being one of the few stable things in each other’s lives when everything around us was changing.

Where to Propose in Mount Washington Summit

I think I can speak for the two of us when I say we’re excited to take this next step into marriage and make up for lost time over the past 9 years. After spending the majority of our relationship apart due to attending different colleges and job relocations, our marriage has become a symbol for a new chapter, where we can begin to consistently enjoy and build our life together!

How They Asked

Mark is a hiker. I like to convince myself on the occasion that I also love hiking. We had planned a weekend trip to Vermont and New Hampshire, with the goal of hiking Mount Washington. We decided the night prior, to wake-up extra early in order to try to beat the crowds, plus the sooner we start the sooner we finish!

3:30 am we decided….we hit the trail and after about 5 hours of hiking we summited. Per usual, we got to the summit sign and since it was only 8:30 am, there wasn’t really anyone else up there yet. Luckily, we found someone who had just driven their car up to the top and asked them to take our picture. As Mark handed off his phone to the bystander to take our picture, he went digging in his backpack….dug out a sock…and there was the ring box. Luckily, the gentleman taking our photo captured the entire process. While it wouldn’t have changed anything, it certainly was a blessing to have found a complete stranger to capture such a special moment for us.

After so many years together, it’s difficult to surprise each other and keep secrets, especially something this big. This is honestly the biggest and best surprise that Mark has ever pulled off, and I loved every second of it. No help. No ring advice. No hints and no clues. Mark nailed it!

Me at 3:30 am having no idea why Mark was so eager to hit the trail early