Kelsey and Luke

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How We Met

Luke grew up in Orlando, Florida. I was raised in a small town in Ohio, but moved to Orlando after accepting a job at Walt Disney World. I met my dearest friend there, Christie. Christie grew up with Luke as childhood best buds. One night, during a late night heart to heart after a Girls Night Out, Christie blurted out, “I KNOW WHO YOU’RE GOING TO MARRY!”. I giggled it off, having heard a lot of stories about Luke but never meeting him. Two weeks later, I joined Christie and met Luke at his birthday celebration. After the first “Hello”, we were both hooked!

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how they asked

I visited a small beach town called Boca Grande in Florida for a job interview. My fiance (!!!) Luke came along with me for the 3 hour ride from our home base in Orlando. After the interview, I was filled with nervous energy, so Luke recommended a walk on our hearts’ home: the beach. We drove to the Gasparilla Island State Park and discovered a gorgeous old lighthouse. From there, we walked for hours; and shared our hopes and goals for the future together. The lighthouse walk was where the new chapter of our story all began. Two days after that, I was offered the job! Luke and I quickly packed up our lives in Orlando, and made the move down to Boca Grande. Little did I know, there was an extra special little box hiding in that U-Haul! :-)

One short month later, Luke’s mother Jane and Step Father Anselmo came to town to celebrate with us for Mother’s Day weekend. After a spa day together, Mama Jane and I headed home to meet up with the boys. Unbeknownst to us, they had been scheming and planning out every detail of the evening ahead the whole time we were away! While we all got ready for what I thought was a Mother’s Day Dinner out for Jane, Luke mentioned to me that Anselmo wanted to head to the State Park Lighthouse area to get some drone footage of the sunset. Anselmo has a career in graphic design, so I thought nothing of it; the whole secret plan going right over my head (literally)! Once we pulled into the State Park, I realized the lighthouse was open. This had never happened before. I was so elated! I bounded straight to the lighthouse, completely unaware of everyone and everything around me.

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Once Luke and I were a couple of spiral staircase flights up, I realized Jane and Anselmo weren’t behind us. Luke told me it was because only 2 people were permitted in the building at a time, due to the old structure of the fragile building. In actuality, on the beach below Anselmo was filling Jane in on the secret and giving her directions of what to do next. Once again, the secret going right over my head! Jane and I are incredibly close, so the boys decided to keep the secret from her until that moment to ensure no beans were spilled

Once Luke and I breathlessly reached the top, I peered over the edge to try to see if we could see our home, but found something SO much better! Jane, and my mother, Angie (who had flown in from Ohio as a surprise!), were standing on the beach below holding a banner asking, “Will You Marry Me?”.

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For weeks, Luke had been going back and forth trying to convince the State Park to allow us to be the first people to the top of the Lighthouse for the monumental occasion. As soon as he got approval, my mom booked flights to be there for the moment! I was SHOCKED, and for once, without words. All I could do was stare speechlessly back and forth between our mothers and Luke. Luke took my hands, grinned the most striking grin I have ever seen, and said, “Just like a lighthouse, you’re the light of my whole life. I love you so much…Kelsey Lynn Crossen, will you marry me?”

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As y’all can see, it was the easiest question of my entire life! The whole night still feels like a complete dream. I cannot wait to marry this incredible, kind, goofy best friend of mine.

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I still pinch myself that this all happened the way that it did.

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Luke’s thoughtful heart really shines in the way he proposed, and the fact that he included both of the women who shaped us into who we are today makes it even more special. 5-5-18, here we come! :-)

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Special Thanks

Kelly Howell
 | Photographer
Heidi Gibson
 | Ring Designer