Kelsey and Luke

How We Met

We randomly met on a rooftop bar at happy hour when my friend thought he knew his friend so we joined forces (turns out both thought the other was someone else and they DID not know each other) I thought Luke was cute and I got his number but didn’t text him back…. then one Sunday morning my roommate who had a crush on who turned out to be his roommate, dragged me to brunch for moral support and his roommate did the same. We got brunch… And both of our roommates for different reasons had to leave. After they left Luke asked if I wanted to go to a bar and make a day of it. We ended up brewery hopping all day and the rest is history!

how they asked

We had a weekend trip planned to Bachelor Gulch which is the gated community near Vail, CO. Luke surprised me and booked the Ritz for the weekend because it was my favorite place we visited the year before! I was super excited but thought he had used points and it was just a long weekend getaway. When we checked in the hotel employee asked if I wanted to enter a drawing for a chance to win a trip up to a private cabin on the property. I said sure because we didn’t have set plans for the night and filled out the sheet. A few hours later I got a call that we had won! Still unsure about this event I asked a few more questions and finally decided to check it out. The whole time thinking we were going to get sold a timeshare for sure. So we go down to the valet at 6 and I ask for the car for the cabin event and he goes to get the big van. Only Luke and I get in and I turned to Luke and said “we are the only two idiots that said yes to this dumb thing” as we pull up there is a fire burning with champagne and s’mores and a man to welcome us.

He pours champagne and starts to tell us about how the cabin was founded and who it belongs to and the history of the cabin. I still think there are more people on their way so I start telling the poor man about a ghost story I heard in Charleston, South Carolina! Pour guy. After my shpeel, Luke asked if I wanted to go look at the mountain from the other side. So we brought our champagne and I was looking out and taking pictures of the mountain. Luke told me he was going to top off his champagne and asked if I wanted any. I told him to just bring the bottle over since we were the only two there! I turned to look at the view and when I heard Luke set the champagne bottle on the table near me I turned and he wasn’t on one knee!!! I said yes! Turns out the whole thing was a setup and the whole Ritz Carlton staff was in on it!!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ritz Carlton at Bachelor Gulch Colorado

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