Kelsey and Landon

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How We Met

Seven year ago I packed my bags to head to a church camp in Orange Beach, AL. Little did I know that there I would meet my future husband! I was living in Kentucky and he was living in Alabama over those seven years. Time had passed and about two years ago he started liking all of my Facebook posts and favoriting all my Tweets. I took it upon myself to go out of my way to start talking to him I figured if he took the time to like and favorite all of my stuff that he had to have been interested. Boy was he tough. It took about another year after that trying to get him to actually seem interested.

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One day I sent him a picture of this phone number and pretended like I accidentally sent it to the wrong person when really I just wanted him to talk to me! Lol! After that he started to seem more interested and I decided to go visit him at Auburn the weekend of his 21st birthday! I got there and never told him I was there cause I was so nervous and I was supposed to meet up with him for dinner and he never told me where they were going, so I sat in my hotel room just waiting. After dinner we finally met up and the rest is history…

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Kelsey's Proposal in Shelbyville Christmas Tree Farm

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Shelbyville Christmas Tree Farm

how they asked

It was the day after Christmas and my last day off work, but I was so mad because work was so crazy that I really felt like I needed to be there! He was determined I wasn’t going to work and that he was taking me to a nice lunch. The whole night before I told him I wasn’t going and he kept telling me he’d just find someone else to go with then. Lol! I got up the next morning and was ready to go by the time I was told I needed to be. He disapproved of my outfit and told me I wasn’t dressed up enough. I told him it didn’t matter cause it was my last day off work. I was tempted to wear leggings and a t-shirt.

On our way there he pulls out this blindfold and puts it on me. I start freaking out telling him I’m gonna get carsick and what not. He then turns on this sweet song and told me I needed to just relax and listen to the lyrics. Once the car finally comes to a stop I take my blindfold off and it looks like we’re at some packaging plant, so at this point I was confused. He comes and opens my door and to the right was this perfect little Christmas Tree Farm.

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We walked up this trail he had lined with ornaments (which he kept stepping on and breaking), to this perfectly decorated tree, where he asked me to “Merry” him. He read scripture out of my Papaw’s bible and had the most perfect ring to put on my finger. To top it all off he had all of my family and friends there waiting behind trees. This day couldn’t have been anymore perfect!

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