Kelsey and Lance

How We Met

The saying “love at first sight” holds very true for me and Lance. We didn’t know each other until an online dating app, Tinder, helped unite us. I knew the moment I saw his pictures, he was special, but being rather timid, I didn’t want to make the first move, so I simply “swiped right.” Lucky for me, a few hours later Lance messaged me a very clever line to grab my attention. Although, not knowing he already had it.

After talking for a few days, we decided to meet on December 4, 2015 in Nacogdoches, Texas. Only not thoroughly thinking about the logistics and how blind dates “should” work, he overlooked that picking me up from my apartment might be considered odd. I took some precautions and arranged to meet outside the apartment complex I lived in, but I knew that I was not going to give him my apartment number. Once Lance texted me that he was in the parking lot, I had to shake my nerves in the apartment before going outside. Lance would probably tell you that I made him wait on purpose! After shaking off the nerves, I walked outside and saw a big black Tahoe sitting by a dumpster… I remember thinking to myself, “this will either be your doom or a great night, but think positive.” Since Lance is a gentlemen through and through, he made sure that I was going to feel comfortable and treated like a lady the entire night. He got out of his truck once he saw me coming to say hello. The moment I saw him, I knew that this evening was going to be a great date and that he could be “the one”. You could say, I am rather clumsy and quirky, so our first encounter may have seemed odd. I met Lance in front of his truck and went in for a hug (trying to not be clumsy or weird) while Lance simultaneously reached for a handshake. We realized about mid-way what we had done and stopped to try to fix our awkwardness. I tried to play it cool and shake his hand when I noticed what was happening, but he tried to hug me again. All this combined turned into a humorous side hug/handshake and scurry into the car to move on with our date. This is one of our most cherished memories, now. After that, we moved onto our date that took place at the nicest restaurant in town called, Auntie Pasta’s. We spent hours talking and learning about each other until Auntie Pasta’s closed and the server stopped refilling our cups. After a bit of dehydration, we already knew how perfect we were for each other, and that this was going to be life-changing. And it was!

how they asked

On May 13, 2017, Lance proposed to me! Talk about a complete surprise. For Lance’s birthday, I decided to surprise him with a trip to go for a day long zip-lining trip at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Spicewood, Texas. The week before, I was so excited to surprise him on his birthday with a fun adventure I had planned. To my surprise, this gave Lance plenty of time to plan his proposal. Lance and I always knew that we were going to end up marrying one another, but we didn’t always talk about it. We didn’t really have to, we always knew we were on the same page! Though, at the time, I had no idea that I was about to be proposed to, but I am beyond happy that he did. OK, back to the story. Looking back at it all now, there were so many obvious signs. For instance, we brought the go-pro to get some neat footage that Lance placed on my helmet, but throughout the day he had a bulging box in his pocket. Did I mention I’m a little ditsy too? Well, I kept grabbing the box and asking him what is in his pocket? He never answered me and I would remind myself, “oh yeah, it’s the go-pro,” not thinking that it was on my helmet. Another sign, was that he had a blanket in the back of his truck covering something, and I even picked it up wondering what it was and he coolly and innocently smiled and said, “nothing…” and I believed him! Throughout the day, we were having a blast hanging in trees and zipping down overlooking the woods. On the second to last zip-line, it was a racing zip-line, where Lance and I were going to have the chance to compete against one other. On the count of three, we were supposed to speed down to see who’s the fastest. As the guide was counting down, Lance took off before the count could finish. I was in shock after this happened and speeded down the zip-line to meet him.

However, when I arrived at the post he wasn’t there to meet me. I saw his head in a corner where a gazebo existed, so I walked over to give him a hard time about “cheating,” but I found that he was on one knee with rose petals, candles, and a sign above his head that wrote, “Kelsey, will you marry me?” With this story being about the awkward couple who met on a blind date, I automatically said, “YES!” without him even asking because I saw the sign before he had the chance to say something. Once again, lucky for me, Lance is a gentlemen and asked properly. Of course, I agreed!

He didn’t have the real ring with him because he wanted to propose before it came in. With zip-lining gear on and all, we celebrated with each other and the group of people we met on the tour. On that day, he proposed with a temporary ring that I was to where until the real one came in, which now is also priceless to me. The day didn’t end there, either! When we got back to Buda, Texas, where Lance lives, Lance took me to a surprise dinner with my parents where we continued to celebrate this exciting time in our lives!

These little pieces of the day just make our story so special to Lance and I because it resembles our relationship and shows how much we really mean to each other. We are getting married on October 5, 2018, and cannot wait to share the rest of our lives together. We cannot wait to see how God’s plans for us unfold and the adventures we will share together.

Special Thanks