Kelsey and Kyle

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How We Met

So Kyle and I met 5 years ago playing pond hockey. Who introduced us?..Our dads funny enough! Both our dads are Firefighters together and were playing on the same hockey team at the time. So on the day we met my dad mentioned to me that his firefighter friend and family (who I had never met) were coming out to play a game of pond hockey with us and that they were bringing their kids. I usually get stuck babysitting my parents friends kids and I remember saying “great I have to watch kids for the day” my dad laughed and said no no, they’re older then you. Long story short, after that day of playing pond hockey, Kyle messaged me asking if i’d like to grab a drink sometime. I was so embarrassed to say I was not 19 yet and wouldn’t be able to meet somewhere for a drink! (So embarrassing)

For the remaining of that winter we would talk occasionally and see each other at Firefighter parties and events that are parents were at.That summer Kyle ‘officially’ asked me out on a date to a Blue Jays baseball game.. I knew there would be drinking involved and I still wasn’t legal yet! Totally scooped up a friends ID that somewhat looked like me and went on the date! Ended up telling him I wasn’t legal when we got to the game and that’s why I couldn’t get beer with him at the stand. (I probably was 3 shades of red) He laughed and said he thought I was way older. (That made me feel even worse) While we were sitting in our seats at the ball game, Kyle called out the the beer guy going up and down the rows selling beer and asked for 2 more. The guy asked for both our ID’s and I was shaking so bad giving him my fake ID.. How embarrassing would it be to get denied on our first date! The guy served us and that was that! SO happy! Oh actually I spilled my entire beer all over my stomach and legs that I had to dry off in the bathroom.. (1 step forward 2 steps backs!)

After the date was over and he dropped me off at my house, I thought that would be the first and last date. I was totally embarrassed about the date. He texted me the remaining of the week and went on about how much fun he had and would like to hangout again. Then Kyle texted me saying my dad invited him on MY family camp trip to Algonquin park.. where we portage and ruff it out for a week. (Like no makeup, no showers, no mirrors, no running water etc) I was like “you’re not coming are you?!” Kyle replied saying, “Yeah actually, I already got it off work”. My jaw probably hit the ground in shock. I couldn’t believe my dad actually asked him to come on our family camp trip without even asking me!

After the camping trip Kyle and I were inseparable. We had a great time camping and he fit right in with my family. We spent the remaining summer together taking trips back and forth to his cottage, at my place fishing and finding new adventures to do. His family cottage instantly became my favourite place to be. Kyle’s family was amazing, they welcomed me into their family right away even though Kyle and I would tell everyone we were ‘just friends’ for an entire year! (Too funny) We spent the next year just being ‘friends’ and we finally made it official to everyone that we were ‘dating’ at the cottage during a family cottage weekend with everyone.

Then 3 and half years later…

how they asked

Whenever Kyle and I have time off together, you can always find us at the cottage. Doesn’t matter what time of year it is, we are always there. Weekends away together at the cottage is by far our favourite time together.

This past winter we were at the cottage snowmobiling almost every other weekend enjoying as much of winter as we could. Then the snow was starting to disappear and we ended our last winter cottage weekend with a great sledding week and called it a wrap for the season… (well that’s what I thought!)

PS- Kyle and I GoPro everything, we absolutely love taking pictures and videos with our GoPro (ask anyone haha)

Wednesday, March 16th 2016 Kyle asked me last minute if I wanted to head to the cottage to pick up his parents sled from the dealer after getting maintenance done on it and just get away for a few days, I said “sorry, not really, the snows gone and I made plans for us this week” Like I honestly did not want to go away that week. I noticed he was acting weird and I had even mentioned that to my dad. (I thought he had a rough day at work or something) He ended up convincing me to go up with him for the drive and just stay a couple days. It ended up being St. Patricks day on the Thursday we were there so we drank some green beer, gave each other fake St.Pattys day tattoos and had a great day!

2 Days later!

Friday, March 18th 2016 we woke up slightly hungover from our partying on St. Patricks day, Kyle made we waffles for breakfast, we relaxed for the morning, we were deciding what we wanted to do for the day.. (We were just being bums which I love). Kyle asked if I wanted to take some drinks down to the dock and just sit in the sun.. I said sure! Kyle cut up some cheese, meats and packed some crackers for a little picnic and I was all excited to just sit on the dock in the sun! We grabbed some muskoka chairs, radio and our drinks. (It was honestly the perfect day) The lake was still frozen but there was hardly any snow on the ground so it was really odd walking on the lake with no snow.

Kyle asked if I wanted to take a picture of our view with us sitting in the muskoka chairs and the frozen lake in front of us (I never say no to GoPro pictures) It was a picture perfect day on the dock with the sun, picnic, music, drinks and my babe. He set the GoPro up behind us and just had it on continuous photos that take every 3 seconds. He sat back down beside me and just smiled at me…. next thing I noticed was Kyle getting out of his chair and going down on one knee!!!! I was literally in shock! I didn’t even say yes right away apparently my reaction was:

“What are you doing?!” “Are you sure?!” “DID YOU EVEN ASK MY DAD?!”

Way to funny, but I did end up saying YES and Kyle caught the whole thing on GoPro pictures which is amazing!!! I have always admired proposal pictures and Kyle was able to capture the entire thing. It was the perfect day, our favourite place, just the two of us and I couldn’t be happier!

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