Kelsey and Kristopher

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ibiza, Spain

How We Met

Kris and I met 10 years ago. I was shopping in his clothing store and he was working there. I had an instant attraction to him, so I bought something that day, but also made an excuse to have to go back in the future. After going back several times, I ended up friending him on Facebook. We messaged back and forth for a while. Our one-liners turned into full paragraphs and we finally decided to exchange phone numbers. I was younger than Kris, so he told me if we were still talking by a certain birthday that we would take things further. On that specific birthday, he ended up taking me on a very romantic hot air balloon ride and we’ve been together ever since.

Proposal Ideas Ibiza, Spain

How They Asked

Kris and I planned a trip to Ibiza, Spain for our 10 year anniversary in August. It was both of our first times ever going out of the country, so it was already really exciting. Little did I know, Kris was planning something even bigger than that. We arrived in Ibiza a few days before our actual anniversary and Kris let me know that we didn’t have any hard set plans except that on our anniversary day, we had a tour scheduled with a tour guide/photographer.

Where to Propose in Ibiza, Spain

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ibiza, Spain

I was slightly suspicious because Kris dislikes taking photos, but we’ve done touristy things like this in the past and I kind of assumed that since we were halfway across the world, having photographs taken on a tour didn’t seem that unusual.

The day of our anniversary came and the “tour guide” showed up at our hotel to pick us up to start our day. We drove around the island and stopped at a few different locations, taking photographs at each. We then arrived at the most beautiful and memorable location, Es Vedra. We got out of the car and the photographer told us to walk ahead so that we could take in the view that was to come. It was breathtaking.

Kris and I admired the view for a few minutes and the photographer snapped some photos of us. There was a family that was taking photos in front of the best spot so we waited around for our turn. Kris and Tamas, our photographer, both started getting frustrated with how long they were taking and decided to ask them if we could use that spot for a moment. The next thing I knew, Kris was getting down on one knee and pulling out the blue box I had always dreamed of. After a couple of seconds of shock, I couldn’t say yes enough.

Es Vedra is said to be the third most magnetic place in the world next to the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle, so it was the most special place for our proposal.

After the proposal, Kris told me that he and the photographer had a code phrase and it was, “I’m ready for the jacket.” Kris was carrying the ring in his jacket pocket and he wanted the photographer to know that he was ready based on when he was “ready for the jacket.” Kris also told me that he had the ring locked up in his backpack during our travels and I realized that was why he refused to leave his backpack unattended with me. It was funny to put together all of the pieces in hindsight.

Special Thanks

Tamas Kooning Lansbergen
 | Photographer