Kelsey and Konapiliahi

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How We Met

A few years back we were at a Younglife club, and this guy (my fiancé) walked in. My mom looked and me and said, “Wow, look at him, he’s cute.” I immediately responded back with “eww, no!” At this point in my life I wasn’t looking for someone to date and was totally not into getting into a serious relationship. After that day, I had started to think about what I had said to my mom. He was actually very attractive, and I felt something like I had never felt before. We began to hangout more with groups of friends, but I still wasn’t fully into getting in any relationship. One day we went on this crazy hike up in the Maui Mountains that’s called the Commando Hike. It’s a very long and dangerous hike where you end up having to spider climb up a 10 foot waterfall (If I had knew that prior to going on this hike I wouldn’t have gone!) So we get to this part of the hike and Kona turns around to me and says “Don’t be scared, you just have to do it, okay.”

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I immediately knew it was going to be something bad, and sure enough as I turned the corner there was this huge waterfall with water coming down it that I knew I was going to have to climb up. I immediately said “yeah, I’m walking back to the car, see you guys there.” I was told that I had to do it and I had no choice. So the boys helped push me up and I made it to the top!! After this hike I texted him later that night to thank him for helping me, and from there it just started to bloom! As we continued to hangout more, I could feel something starting to grow, and I started to like him even more. This guy that I thought was attractive was now a guy that I thought I could see myself with.

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Kona then had to leave on a baseball trip and needed someone to pick him up from the airport when he got back, so I offered to do it. After bringing him home he wanted to give me $20 as gas money, but I refused to take it, so this then became a game. We would find some way to give each other the money without the other person knowing. They would have to find it on their own. We would through it through the car window before someone left, or hide it in a book the other person was reading. This went on for a little over a month. Then one day he asked me if I was going to be going to Younglife that night and I told him “yeah, but I would be late.” So I got there and they were just finishing up praying so I stood on the side not to interrupt them. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder and he said “Follow me, I have something to ask you.” My heart immediately sunk, I didn’t even know what to think. I thought that I was in trouble, and literally was so nervous. He pulled me up to the side of his car and opened his door, and pulled out the $20 that was made into a heart and asked me if I would go to dinner with him. I was so nervous that I unfolded the heart without even knowing it was made into a heart (He later told me about what I did….oops.) I said yes, and the rest is history!!

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how they asked

April 9th, 2016 was our 2 year anniversary of dating. The day before he told me that we would go to church and then go to lunch after. I was thinking to myself, “Is this dude really going to only take me to lunch on our 2 year anniversary!?” After eating lunch we went home to my house and took a little rest, I was still really confused that all we were going to do that day was eat lunch! After we took our nap he said we were going to go on a picnic, but I had to wear a dress and heels. Let’s be real here for a second, when you go on a picnic in Hawaii you wear comfortable clothes because its hot, and you are going to have to walk far.

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When he said “picnic” I knew that we were going to one of our favorite sports up north that was on a cliff with lots of rocks. I knew that I wanted to be comfortable so I fought him about wearing a dress and heels. I finally gave in, but then he threw another bump in the road. He wanted to wear the same color as him! (Like really dude!) Still I had no clue what was happening! So after putting on a dress and heels we walked to the car and headed up north. When we got to our spot there was a lot of people up there, so I figured that we were going to have to find a spot away from people. So we got out of the car and started walking till he said, “what about our picnic?” I was instantly confused.

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He then said “Where’s the food and blankets?” I thought he had it all planned out, but I guess he had forgot. I said “Its okay, I’m not that hungry anyway.” So we continued to walk until he said “What’s that over there?” As I looked over there was a blanket on the ground with a picnic basket laying on the ground with flowers. As we got closer he had rocks lined up that were made into a walkway that led to the picnic. We got there and he had set up a full on picnic with fancy cheeses, crackers, and even pillows! There was a card sitting on the blanket and he told me to read it. I opened up the note and it said “2 years? How about forever?”

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I immediately burst into tears, and couldn’t stop! As he knelt down on one knee staring at me I tried to pull myself together before saying yes! (It didn’t really work) So I went with a head nod and tried to get out the best “YES” I could!

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Then all of a sudden Kona said “smile” and three of our friends jumped out of the bushes with cameras and said “Surprise!” I didn’t know what to think, I was still in shock that I was now engaged! After taking a few pictures and eating some of the cheese and crackers, we set off to tell the world that we were officially ENGAGED!!!!!

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